10 Questions for Your Jewish Wedding Florist

Wedding Florist Questions

  Is my wedding date available?

  Can we look at photos or samples of your work?

  Are you familiar with my ceremony / reception site?  Do you have any photos from my wedding location?

  How would you describe your style or design aesthetic for chuppahs, bridal and bridesmaid bouquets and centerpieces?

  How many hours before the ceremony / reception will you arrive to set up?

  What do you do with the chuppah and ceremony flowers after the ceremony? Do you design anything for double use?

  How can I reach you on the day of the wedding?

  What is the maximum number of events you book for a single day?

  Do you provide any extra decor elements? (cake flowers, flowers for food and/or menu presentation, aisle runner, mezinke crowns)?

  Fine Print: Is there a delivery or set-up fee? Are there any additional fees I should be aware of? Do you have liability insurance? What is your cancellation policy?

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Jewish Wedding Florists & Party Decor

Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman