Cool Bat & Bar Mitzvah and Wedding Idea: Bonjour Balloons

The new wedding, bat/bar mitzvah and party trend is all about the perfectly round bubble balloon. These are no ordinary balloons! Filled with colorful confetti and feathers, each Bonjour Balloon comes with a beautiful hand-crafted string called “tails” that gives the balloon character and charm.

Confetti Balloons

Bonjour Balloons come in a variety of colors to decorate reception spaces and match your party theme. You can also use them as fun props for your engagement shots or wedding portraits.

Bonjour Round Balloons

Confetti Balloon Tails

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They also make the perfect gift! Upon receiving a Bonjour Balloon and opening the box, the balloon will gracefully float up greeting its’ owner, bringing the biggest smile you’ll ever see!

Confetti Balloon Delivery Box

Each Bonjour Balloon you pick will come with a cute little tag where you can add your personalized message. Bonjour Balloons can be tailored for any event. You can check them out at

Photographer:  aldina photography

Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman