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7 Ideas for a Beautiful Ceiling

When it comes to decorating a wedding, mitzvah or event space, always examine the venue from every angle.  Every nook, cranny, and surface is a design opportunity, and that includes the ceiling.  

In fact, the ceiling is ideal!  Guests won’t be expecting this, ensuring that “wow” factor!

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A lot of event designers are making creative use of this often overlooked part of the room. The trend is to suspend decor elements from the ceiling on clear filament for the illusion that your decor is actually floating on air. There are lots of clever ways to use this technique.

Fun with Slinky

Hanging colorful slinkies from the ceiling adds an extra WOW and Fun factor to any event’s decor – bar or bat mitzvah, sweet sixteen and even a wedding!  Showplace Floral & Event Design  transformed this room dramatically!  The dance floor is rockin’ with kids and overhead slinkies!

The Showplace_Slinky Ceiling Decor

Room Decor by Showplace: Floral & Event Design

The Showplace Dance Floor w Slinky Decor

Candy Mannequin and Ceiling Decor by Showplace: Floral & Event Design

Suspended Crystals

Hanging Crystal Strands over Dance Floor

Hanging Crystals

Photo: Belle Magazine

 These suspended crystal strands glow in the pink up lighting.

Hanging Flowers

Hanging Hydrangea Wedding Flowers

Hanging Hydrangea Wedding Flowers

Photo: Inspired by This, Designed by Mindy Weiss

Bunches of hanging purple hydrangeas add whimsical drama to this backyard event.

Hanging Flowers

Hanging Flowers

Photo: Mod Wedding

These individual blooms hanging over the tables create a stunning effect.   The greenery on the table gives a great splash of color.  The overall look is a visually interesting alternative to tall centerpieces.

Hanging Flowers Chuppah

Hanging Flowers Chuppah

Photo: The Cinderella Project

This chuppah looks as though flowers are fluttering to the floor.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & VendorsPaper Birds & Cranes Overhead

Paper Cranes Hanging Vintage Barn Wedding

Paper Cranes Hanging Vintage Barn Wedding

Photo: 100 Layer Cake

This couple glammed up their vintage barn wedding with 1,000 hanging hand-cut white vellum birds, accented with soft lighting from the gold orbs which served as the centerpieces.

Bride & Bloom Paper Birds

Paper Birds Display

Photo: The Cinderella Project

These little birdies are cleverly arranged to appear as if they are taking flight from a tree. The bright pops of red in the birds and flowers lend a dramatic flair to the pristine and modern white table setting.

Paper Lanterns & Parasols

Paper lanterns are always a sure bet.  They are the sophisticated equivalent of balloons for adults.  They’re easy to find and fairly inexpensive.

Purple Paper Lanterns

Purple Paper Lanterns

They easily lend themselves to whatever look you are after.  These pastel purple lanterns give a more subdued effect, available from Luna Bazaar.

Elegant lighting can create a subtle glow, perfect for weddings or bat/bar mitzvahs that want to add some modern glow.

Paper Lanterns LED Lights & Lighting

Paper Lanterns Lighting 

Photo: Emma Marlar

There’s really no limit to how creative you can be with hanging decor.  Candles, small mirrors, and pomanders are also great choices.  Here’s an interesting DIY idea.  Take a styrofoam cube, glue mirrors to each side, and hang on clear fishing wire.  The light that reflects off of the mirrors will give you a dynamite effect.  Best of all, none of it will take up precious floor space.

Photos: Showplace Floral & Event Design,  The Cinderella Project, Belle Magazine, Luna Bazaar, Inspired by This, 100 Layer Cake, Sara Renee Events, Emma Marlar

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Written by Lonni Delane

  • Osnat Eldar

    Great cover on the topic thanks you. Some few advices: 1. safety: make sure ceiling is up to carrying this extra weight and that the ways elements are being hung assure it will not “drop” in the middle of the events. 2. Blocking the view: when indoors screening is involved makes sure you don’t block the projector’s range and interrupt the projection.