Rescue Dog Engagement Shoot

Beach Dog Engagement Shoot

Ted and Tiffany are the epitome of inspiration. Ted is the operator of the nation-wide vegetarian athletic organization, Team Green; as well as an excellent personal trainer who runs his own side company, TrendyFit. Tiffany works for the city of Vista and works actively for the wellbeing and health of abused animals. And they’re both vegan…

The third shining star in this engagement shoot, by Studio Sequoia, is their sweet rescue dog Darla.

Engagement Shoot Rescue Dog

Engagement Ring Dog Paw

From Kelley McGee, Photographer at Studio Sequoia: This beautiful dog came from a pretty awful past making puppies at a puppy mill. She has terrible scars, but now lives happily in-between Ted and Tiffany (more information below on how you can help). Ted’s efforts for the vegetarian movement in health and wellbeing plus Tiffany’s happy-go-lucky attitude and obvious compassion for all animal-kind made them more than deserving to receive a FREE wedding photography package from us…. we are happy to welcome them to the Studio Sequoia family and we hope you enjoy their little family as much as we do!

Team Green Engagement -Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & VendorsEngagement Shoot Beach Ring

Dog Beach Engagement Shoot

Engagement Ring Guitar Beach

Cliff Engagement Shoot

Congratulations Ted and Tiffany! Thanks to you, beautiful Darla, and Studio Sequoia for sharing your special day with us!

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Save an Animal, Gain a Pet!

Find out how to save animals in your area by going through an organization like Animal Alliance NYC, Petfinder.comAmerican Humane Organization or search for an animal rescue organization in your community.

Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman

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