Let Your Ketubah Inspire Your Chuppah

Top 5 Examples of Chuppahs Inspired by Ketubahs

Ketubah Chuppah Inspiration, Tree, BranchesYour ketubah, or Jewish marriage contract, is truly a work of art that reflects you and your fiance’s style and artistic taste.  With so much effort choosing the perfect ketubah, it makes perfect sense for your ketubah to be an inspiration for other elements of your wedding, or your life!  We love the idea of ketubah-inspired chuppah designs!  It may take some creativity, but the results can be magical!  Here are 5 examples we’re loving:

#1 (above) – Nature-Inspired Trees & BranchesKetubah by Judith Joseph, Chuppah by DaVinci Florist

#2 - Romantic Cherry Blossons

Cherry Blosson Ketubah Chuppah, HuppahKetubah: Tree of Life III Gold Ketubah by Betsy Teutch, Chuppah

Ketubah# 3 – Purple Wisteria / Grapevines

Purple Wisteria Chuppah KetubahKetubah: “Wisteria – Arch” by Susan Cone Porges, Chuppah by Mimosa Flowers

# 4 - Whimsical Beauties

Whimsical Ketubah & Chuppah. HuppahKetubah: “Swirls and Twirls” Ketubah from Susanne McGinnis, Chuppah from Sweet Pea Event

#5Bold, Red & Modern

Red Modern Ketubah, Chuppah, HuppahKetubah, Chuppah by Fleurs NYC

We are simply in love with the idea of coordinating your chuppah and ketubah to reflect each other. We know this maybe difficult to execute, but how many times in your life can you even attempt this challenge.. : )

Has your ketubah inspired you?  We’d love to hear your comments below.

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Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman