How to Set Up a Candy Buffet – Featuring A Candy Store

4 Steps to an Irresistible DIY Candy Dessert Bar!

Candy Buffet - Rock Candy Bar

Rock Candy Buffet

With all of the elaborate (and pricey) details that go into planning a wedding or bat/bar mitzvah,  it’s refreshing when a a trend comes along that’s fun, easy, and budget friendly.  This is never more true than with candy buffets.  With a few coordinated jars, several bags of candy, and a bit of decor, you can easily create an eye catching display and give your guests a fun treat.

Blue Candy Buffet, Candy Table

Blue Candy Bar 

There are four areas to consider when creating a candy buffet:

1.Budget – How much are you able to spend? Keep in mind the cost of candy, tax, shipping, and other supplies.

2.Supplies include candy, containers and displays (apothecary jars are a popular option), table decorations, labels, scoops, and to-go containers or bags for guests. View Candy Buffet Supplies.

3.Candy – The best way to go about it is to buy your candy in bulk online.  You can get as much as you need at wholesale pricing, and can pick and choose right down to the color of each candy.  It’s a heck of a lot easier than running all over town, and goodness knows you can’t just run into the corner grocery for a 10 pound bag of pink M & M’s. specializes in just this kind of supply.  With over 2,000 candy products from all your favorite brands, they make this task a no-brainer.  They have hard to find items like Violet Flavored Gum, visually appealing candy like Whirly Pops, and crowd pleasers like Rock Candy.

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Amount of Candy – A Candy Store recommends using their online videos to gauge how much you will need of each candy. 5 ounces per guest is a pretty good ball park.  Here’s what a 5 pound bag of M&Ms looks like….

4. Candy Display – It’s all about the presentation.  You can design your candy table around your event theme or color palette. Other areas to think about include the shape of the table, linens, and backdrop.

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Candy Bar Inspiration from A Candy Store

Color scheme is your first consideration.  Be creative and have fun with color! You also need to figure out decor elements that will make your buffet pop.  Here are some ideas.

Beautiful Backdrop

Red Candy Buffet Bar

Red Hot Candy Buffet

A bold backdrop is another statement-making element to consider.  Hanging your tags on coordinated ribbon is a fairly simple project that adds texture. View More Backdrop Ideas.

Elevation is Key

Candy Buffet Glass Dome Containers

Candy Buffet Glass Dome Containers

Staggering the height of each candy jar makes it easy to see all the choices and gives the impression of a full bar.  You can elevate containers using almost anything!  In this case, hat boxes are used which are easily found in craft stores, and can be painted or papered to match your decor.

Creative Linens & Frames

Green Candy Buffet Table

Green Candy Buffet

A contrasting table linen and picture frames are a great way to add visual interest to your buffet.

Bright Monochrome Colors with Texture

Yellow Candy Buffet Table

Yellow Candy Buffet Table

 The yellow tulips and flowering branches are the perfect compliment to this crisp and bright buffet.

Beyond Traditional Linen

Rainbow Candy Buffet Bar

Rainbow Candy Bar

Try arranging everything on a bed of confetti.

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Written by Lonni Delane