Eco-Friendly Seed Kippot from Circles of Life

Plant Your Yarmulke and Help The Environment!

Eco Friendly Seed Kippot

Eco Friendly Seed Kippot by Circles of Life

Kippot Pileup.”  The perfect term to describe the drawer or shelf that contains dozens of yarmulkes from Jewish weddings, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs you’ve attended over the years.  We all have one.  It may come in handy for holiday dinners, but typically most of these treasured kippot will never again see the light of day.

Mike Glaser, fellow sufferer of Kippot Pileup, recognized an opportunity to make a change that would have a positive impact on the environment. Mike founded Circles of Life, a forward-thinking company that makes and sells biodegradable plantable kippot.

At his own wedding, Mike gave his groomsmen yarmulkes from their own weddings to prove this point (and recycle!).  The rest of the guests wore seed paper kippot.

Biodegradable YarmulkesCircles of Life kippot are made with thick oaktag paper containing wildflower seeds from the Rocky’s.  The plants can grow pretty much anywhere, indoors or outdoors.  One yarmulke can grow plants to cover 5 or 6 square feet.

Seed Kippot Flowers

Seed Kippot Flowers

Tip: You don’t need to plant the whole kippah at once.  You can rip off pieces to plant over time.

Travel Theme Seed Kippot

Travel Theme Seed Kippot

Circles of Life offers recycled seed yarmulkes in a dozen colors, and can add almost anything to the outside and inside of the kippah, such as your child’s logo, Jewish or Hebrew symbol, or a graphic inspired by the theme.  The company uses high-quality letterpress printing, and provides graphic design help free of charge.

Eco Wedding YarmulkePersonalized seed kippot should be ordered at least 6 weeks before the wedding or bat/bar mitzvah.

Check out more from Circles of Life Seed Kippot or call (978) 254-7768.

Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman