Decor Trend: Pomanders (Kissing Balls)

6 Ways to Use Pomanders at Your Event

Hanging Yellow Pomanders

Want something a little different for your Jewish wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, Sweet 16 or other event? Pomanders, also called Kissing Balls, are perfectly round flower arrangements. They are beautiful, and also quite versatile. The styrofoam sphere that holds them contains all the water and nutrients needed to keep them fresh throughout the day. Since they don’t require a vase you are free to stack them, hang them up, float them in a pool, and put them wherever you like.

Here are six of our favorite ideas for incorporating pomanders into your next event.  Enjoy!

1. Hanging Pomanders

Hanging the pomanders gives the illusion that they’re floating on air, like the photo above.

The pomanders below are hung on streamers and mixed in with photos for a creative, colorful and truly personal collage.

Photo Pomanders with Pictures

2. Pomander Bouquets

Pomander Bouquet, Kissing Ball

Pomanders make lovely bouquets for the bridal party, and they’re a great alternative to baskets of petals for flower girls.  Especially if you want the girls to walk down the aisle side by side, forgoing the petal tossing cuts down on confusion.

Pomander Bridal Bouquet

Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & Vendors3. Pomander Centerpieces -Stagger the Heights

Pomander Centerpieces, Kissing Ball

Create a centerpiece using several arrangements grouped together.  Connecting them with blades of grass or wire gives the arrangement added dimension.

Pomander & Red Rose Centerpieces

4. Stack Them High

Stacked Pomander Wedding Centerpieces

Stack the pomanders high from large to small.  This is especially useful for a high-ceiling room.  The blinged-out column of this arrangement adds some extra glam.

5. Flower Alternatives

Flowers aren’t the only things you can use to create kissing balls. Try using herbs, evevergreens, ivy, or other greenery.

Green Ivy Pomanders

You can create a pomander of paper blooms (pictured below). A collection of vintage brooches makes for a sparkly and colorful ball.

Paper Pomander Bouquet

For a cost effective alternative, Koyal Wholesale offers bright, beautiful silk flower pomanders in a variety of colors and sizes. Use them for centerpieces or to decorate the outside of your venue. Best of all, you can use them long after the day of the event. 

Silk Pomander

Silk Flower Ball available from Koyal Wholesale.

6. It’s All in the Details – Pomander Place Cards

Pomander Place Cards, Escort, Seating

 Mini blooms make cute little pomanders to hold escort cards.

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Photo credits: Style Me Pretty, Belle Magazine, Love the Blooms

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Written by Lonni Delane