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5 Most Popular Ketubah Designs from

What is one thing that bonds you, Kate Middleton & Chelsea Clinton? You will all have ketubahs! The ketubah, or Jewish marriage contract, has become extremely popular even outside of the Jewish religion.  The reason is simple – a ketubah transforms your marriage vows into a beautiful work of art that provides a glimpse into your personality and style.  There are so many gorgeous options…how do you choose?


Top 5 Ketubah Designs

We caught up with the experts at to find out the latest trends in ketubot.

The 5 most popular ketubah designs from last year were (Click on the blue text for more information):

1. Four Seasons III  by Jessica Kraft – Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall trees shimmer with exuberant color in this design which will brighten up any space as a remembrance of your eternal union.

2. Blue Forest by Judith Joseph – A clearing in the forest. Majestic trees arch towards each other like lovers, forming a marriage canopy. In the center, celestial blue reminds us of the ultimate huppah of heaven. Stars peek through the upper branches: it is an enchanted evening and daylight, all in one.

3. Bashert…Meant to Be by Michelle Rummel – Yours Before We Met, Mine Before We Touched, Everlasting From The Start. Bashert! Our Love is Meant To Be.

4. Gefen Papercut in Winter by Ruth Stern Warzecha – On this intricate papercut, the circular Ketubah text sits within a square of meandering grapevines. The vines are bordered by a verse from Jeremiah 25:10 in English and Hebrew traditionally sung at weddings. Four delicate cornices anchor the square papercut.

5. Romanza by Susanne McGinnis – Intricate filigree design in delicate gold tones. Wishing you a life-time of romance.

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Ketubah Color Trends

Ketubahs are following the wedding color trends with bold, bright colors.  Bright, Colorful, Blues & Purples, and Gold are extremely popular.

Popular Ketubah Styles

The Papercut style, which gives a cool 3-D effect remains popular this year, with couples able to personalize the background colors.

Couples are gravitating toward clean, simple, timeless designs.  Sleek and modern designs are gaining popularity.

Monogram Ketubah

Monogram Ketubah

Trends to Watch:  Couples are incorporating their monogram into their ketubah.

Above: Timeless & Classic Monogram by Susanne McGinnis

Photo Ketubah

Photo Ketubah

Photography ketubahs are becoming more popular, which use your favorite engagement photo (or any favorite photo) as the background design. Photo Ketubah by

Rainbow Love Gay Ketubah

Rainbow Love Ketubah

As multi-cultural marriages increase, couples look for interfaith and multi-cultural ketubot which showcase symbols, and languages from multiple cultures.  Same sex ketubahs are also on the rise, such as this bold “Rainbow Love” design from artist Baruch Sienna.

Shapes & Sizes

The classic shape of a round design on a square shape remains the most popular. Small (14×18) and Classic (18×24) are the top-selling sizes.

Trend to Watch:  Stretched Canvas is going to become more popular.  The ketubah comes ready to hang, like in an art gallery, with no frame required.

Designs & Symbols 

The most popular phrase used of ketubot is “Ani L’Dodi, v’Dodi Li” “I am My Beloved’s, and My Beloved is Mine.” It’s such a popular phrase that Angelina Jolie has it inscribed on her arm!

Before You Buy…Tips from the Experts at

  1. Speak to your Rabbi or Officiant before ordering to confirm the ketubah text and hebrew names.
  2. Think about where the ketubah will be displayed in your home.  Will this affect the theme or colors? has advanced search to filter ketubahs that match your style.
  3. To help you visualize the actual size of the ketubah, take photo or cutout in the exact size and put it on wall to see how it looks.
  4. Make sure you purchase a ketubah from a company with great customer service. Most of the questions you think no one else has…someone else has! Someone has had your same issue and there’s likely a great answer for you. Feel free to ask questions.  Take advantage of the live chat on

A special thanks to Aliyah and the team at for sharing the latest ketubah trends! is proud to offer a ketubah for every taste and budget.  Check them out today!

Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman