Bat & Bar Mitzvah Planning Guide

Ask any Jewish parent, and they will tell you that planning a bat or bar mitzvah can easily take over a year. For many families, a bat / bar mitzvah is just as important as a wedding!

Overwhelmed? Don’t be!  We’ve boiled down the process into a few easy steps.

Bar Mitzvah Ceremony - Mother & Son at Torah with Pointer

Photo by Mike Reitman

Above all else, remember that the bat / bar mitzvah is a beautiful celebration of the Jewish tradition. Throughout the process, keep in mind the deep meaning, visualize your grandparents and their grandparents going through the same process, and remember that the party planning is meant to be a celebration of this unique tradition.

Step 1:  If you haven’t already, find & join a synagogue and meet with your Rabbi. Many synagogues require temple membership to have a bat / bar mitzvah in their sanctuary. This can begin as early as 3 years before the event.  Find out more about the traditions, classes & preparation offered, and other resources available.  Work with your Rabbi to set a date for the ceremony. Start thinking about potential mitzvah projects.

Step 2:  Think about your guest list and create your budget.  We’ve created a simple to use Bat / Bar Mitzvah Guest List & Budget Manager. These tools make this notoriously difficult step easier and more organized. We also included all of the budget items you’ll need to think about.

Step 3:  Find a Venue. Once you have a date, it’s never to early to lock in a party space. Work with your son or daughter to create a party that reflects his or her unique personalities and tastes.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & VendorsStep 4:  Book Party Professionals, including caterers, photographers, music and entertainment, and decorations. Purchase Judaica, such as kippot and tallit.

Step 5:  The beauty is in the details.  View mazelmoments Bat & Bar Mitzvah Planning Timeline for a complete checklist of tasks, broken out by month. Have fun, as a family, personalizing the ceremony and reception details and making it reflect the unique young boy or girl about to become an adult!

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