Party Food Trend – Interactive Action Stations

Party food is all about being innovative and delicious – the less predictable the better! Jewish celebrations – weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs and brises – are moving away from the typical Kosher catering food choices and presentations. Trendy cuisine options for your special event menu are being served in innovative and fun ways.  The experts at The Original Jem Caterers share the latest trends in kosher party food.

“Grab & Go” Appetizers & Interactive Food Stations

Jem Caterers Pass Around Shooters

Pass Around Shooters from The Original Jem Caterers

The Original Jem Caterers Served Desserts

A Palette of Desserts

The popularity of “Grab and Go” type of food display is spreading fast.  The Original Jem Caterers,  the in-house caterers for The Sands at Atlantic Beach offers clients Pass Around Starters during cocktail hour and Action Stations as a dinner option. These are great alternatives to the traditional sit down dinner or typical Buffet selection. It engages the guests and allows for a non-stop 4-hour type of event rather than stopping your event for cocktail hour/dinner or dessert.

Sliced Steak on Garlic Toast from The Original Jem Caterers

Sliced Steak on Garlic Toast

Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & VendorsAction Stations

Hibachi Action Station Buffet from The Original Jem Caterers

Hibachi Action Station

Action Stations are interactive stations with a chef behind each individual station cooking the food right in front of your guests. For example, The Original Jem Caterers offers a Hibachi Station which is a Teppanyaki grill with beef, chicken, oriental vegetables, special house fried rice & steamed dim sum with a variety of dipping sauces. While one guest may enjoy chicken with fried rice and vegetables, another guest may prefer the beef with steamed dim sum and a special sauce. This allows for guests to individually personalize their meal. Your guests will love the freshness and quality of food prepared right in front of their eyes and to their own taste

Kids Interactive Stations are also popular.  They can be set up in a separate room or lounge area. Personalized Pizza is a favorite and a great alternative to the normal chicken fingers and french fries you often see being served to children. Create Your Own Fajitas, Beach Burger Bar, Meat Packing District…etc..  The list goes on… Be Creative  Be Interactive… The Action Station will add a WOW factor to your event!
Grab and Go Desserts from The Original Jem Caterers

Grab and Go Desserts

“Grab and Go” Desserts as well  fruit in wine glasses and miniature novelties keep the dance floor rockin while everyone can still savor the dessert hour. The party does not have to stop for a traditional dessert hour and guests can continue dancing and chatting and still enjoy dessert at their own pace.

The creativity doesn’t stop with the food.  Adult and Teen Drinks are making a new splash! Caterers and bartenders are having fun playing with name of the bat/bar mitzvah child and creating mocktails with their favorite flavors and a spin off using their name.  Anyone for a ‘Marktini’?

Now it’s not only the grandparents who will talk about the food at the event. Everyone’s talking and lovin’ it!

Special thanks to Brianna Ellis at The Sands at Atlantic Beach and Richie Lang at The Original Jem Caterers for sharing the latest trends in kosher catering and wedding, bat & bar mitzvah food.

The Sands at Atlantic Beach is a beautiful beachfront wedding and party venue in Long Island, New York.  Check out more from The Sands at Atlantic Beach and The Original Jem Caterers.

Written by Sheryl Daboosh

Sheryl Daboosh