Wedding Trends for the Non-Traditional Jewish Bride

Many brides and grooms are breaking out of the traditional and coming up with wedding plans that suit their individual tastes, budgets and styles. It celebrates the differences that make them unique and still celebrates the union of two people in love.  Consider some of these current trends when planning your Jewish wedding.

Guest Post by: Priti Patel

The Wedding Dress

Peplum Wedding Dress

All brides want to feel beautiful and special on their wedding day, but not all brides grew up dreaming about a classic white princess gown.  Some want to be sensational without being so traditional. Designers have been making finding such a dress much easier, including styles in colors from pink to black in their latest collections, in all different shapes, such as this visually stunning wedding dress from the White by Vera Wang Collection at David’s Bridal.  Brides should find a dress that speaks to them and their personality.

Trash the Dress

A non-traditional trend that is sweeping wedding traditions and setting them on fire, literally, is the phenomenon referred to as “Trash the Dress.” Rather than carefully preserving the dress, after the wedding day and the numerous pictures between the bride and groom, wedding party and guests, the bride will wear her wedding dress one last time. This time the pictures she takes of the dress essentially destroy the dress for the sake of artistic photos. She will wear it anywhere from into the ocean or mud, or even go as far as setting it on fire.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & VendorsAlternative Bouquets

Peacock Alternative Bouquet - mazelmoments.comPeacock Fabric Wedding Bouquet: Etsy

Bouquets do not have to be made of flowers. Some brides make their own bouquets so they can have the perfect personal accompaniment to their non-traditional dress. A quirky, but cute bouquet can be made from felt flowers and little buttons. A vintage wedding might have silk flowers with brooches, pearls and lace accessories. A beach wedding could have a seashell bouquet. If you’re not the most creative, Etsy is the perfect place to find great handmade alternative bouquets.

The Venue

Most traditional weddings will take place in a temple, an outdoor nature setting or in ballroom. Weddings can be non-traditional by choosing a setting people might not consider as a wedding venue at first glance. A farm is a simple setting that can be made elegant and breathtaking by having the wedding take place at sunset. With beautiful horses, the backdrop of the sunset and just a sprinkling of lights, it can be a stunning venue. A yacht, like Smooth Sailing Celebrations or Yacht Events, has the bonus of having ever-changing beautiful landmark backdrops. Another location that many would not think of is an observatory.  It guarantees good weather and the setting is perfect; no fog or clouds to block the stars, and the guests are conveniently inside for the reception.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when considering venues.

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Unplugged Weddings

Unplugged WeddingThe bride and groom may decide to have an unplugged wedding so that the guests will be fully present at their event. “Unplugged” means no cameras, cell phones, or other electronic devices capturing the wedding. Many couples choose to do this because they want guests to be in the moment and enjoy the wedding instead of viewing their special moment through a lens or being distracted by social media on their phones.  Signs like these are a great way to nicely get the message across to your guests if you choose to go this route.

What do you think of these more non-traditional trends?  Are you going to incorporate any into your wedding or do you prefer the traditional?

A special thanks to Priti Patel for these creative offbeat ideas!

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