Top 7 Bar & Bat Mitzvah Trends from Vision Entertainment

2013 Bar & Bat Mitzvah TrendsTop 7 Bar & Bat Mitzvah Trends & Ideas for 2013

Personalized –  Stylish – Creative.  These are the words that describe bat & bar mitzvahs in 2013.  Families are thinking outside of the box to capture the teen’s personality and style in receptions that exude elegance and style.

We are excited to share with you the top b’nai mitzvah trends from Daniela Grafman of Vision Entertainment Group, a full service entertainment company that provides a combination of exciting entertainment services with certified event planning expertise to create a stress-free planning process and flawless event production.

Trend # 1 – The Name Theme

Have fun incorporating your child’s name into the theme, such as “Sweet Caroline” “Jilly Beans” “Liv it Up” and “Saturday Nat Live”.  The options are endless!

It’s also extremely popular to using the child’s initials, or a custom motif, to create a mitzvah logo, which is used throughout the event from the invitations and centerpieces to the cake and party favors.

Trend # 2 – Mitzvah DJs or Live Entertainment?  BOTH!

2013 Mitzvah Trends - DJ Entertainment

The choice doesn’t have to be between a band or a DJ.  The trend towards having both a DJ and band rocking the crowd is becoming huge.  Live musicians are performing alongside DJs, like vocalists, percussionists, saxophonists, or drummers.  We’re seeing the traditional DJ, emcee and dancers working with a few live pieces and what you get is a high energy crowd on the dance floor.

2013 Bar & Bat Mitzvah Trends - DJ plus Live Musician
Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & Vendors

Trend # 3 – The Reception Lounge

Reception Lounge, Bar & Bat Mitzvah Party TrendMany venues are creating lounge areas as an alternative seating area for all guests or just the kids.  It’s a place to chill out on couches and ottomans accented in the theme colors.  Take it up a notch with light up furniture  – the changes in ambiance can be stunning.  It’s a perfect space to have interactive food or drink stations.  The final result is a chic, modern and classy reception lounge.

Trend # 4 – “Setting the Bar” High

The illuminated bar is an integral part of the decor.  Imagine this dramatic accent on your bar.  Put an Andy Warhol effect on the girl/boy’s picture, using the color palette of the mitzvah and create a glow bar using the girl/boy’s logo in front of the bar.  Great for the photos and a winner for “Do you remember ….”

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Trend # 5 – Decorating the Ceiling

Hanging Ceiling Decor - Bar & Bat Mitzvah Party Trend 2013
Decorative ceilings add drama and excitement to the space. Creative draping and hanging flowers create a modern and fun looking intelligent light decor. A new trend is to suspend decor elements – crystals, hanging flowers, parasols, paper lanterns – from the ceiling on clear filament for the illusion that your decor is actually floating on air. Stunning!

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Trend # 6 – LED Lighting

The WOW Factor that comes with LED lighting has gotten many venues to also provide their own programmable LED lighting setups – on the walls, floors and ceilings. Changes in color or the strategic lighting of the favorite details transform a room’s ambiance from elegant to whimisical to funky and also fit your mitzvah theme.

LED Photo Booths, Mitzvah Trends 2013

LED Photo Booth from Vision Entertainment

Photo booths are getting sleek too.  Check out Vision Entertainment Group’s photo booths with LED Lighting.  Amazing!

Trend # 7 – Sweet Endings

Candy & Dessert Buffet - Bar & Bat Mitzvah Trend

Candy & Dessert Buffet

2013 is all about fun and elaborate dessert presentations such as a candy buffet, dessert table,  Dunkin’ Donuts bar or food trucks. This is the time at the event when the teens and adults come together to feast on sweets. Themed dessert buffets can showcase the party theme, a color or color scheme, or a current food trend such as retro-style mini desserts  or desserts on a stick.

Special thanks to Daniela Grafman of Vision Entertainment Group for sharing her the top bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah trends for 2103.

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Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman

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    Excellent list to inspire the kind of celebration to aim for this year! Bar / Bat Mitzvahs are important experiences, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in celebrating your party with quality entertainment. Thanks for sharing!