Commemorative Bowl with Guest Signatures from Day In Clay

One of the hottest trends in weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs and events is alternative guest books and sign-in options.  Like everything else at your event, the guest sign-in can reflect you or your child’s personality and style, and can make a wonderful keepsake.

Customized Signature Bowl

Customized Signature Bowl

Cliff Mendelson’s Day in Clay Signature Program takes it to a whole new level by creating a beautiful work of art out of your guests’ signatures.

Girl Signing Clay Guest Book

Girl Signing Clay Guest Book

Not only does Cliff redefine the traditional guest book, but he also provides a creative form of entertainment.  Cliff is a ceramic artist, and creates completely unique pieces on his potter’s wheel in front of guests.

According to Cliff, “I commemorate a moment in time in clay.”

Day in Clay Demonstration Performance

Day in Clay Demonstration Performance

How does it work?  

Before your event: You are able to choose between a centerpiece bowl, vase or platter, and work with Cliff to choose the color, images, and personalize the final design.

Clay Bowl or Vase Sign-In Guest Book

Clay Bowl and Vase

At your reception: Imagine that your event is in full swing. An announcement is made to turn your focus to the center of the room. The room is quiet except for a soft instrumental inspirational sound track. I am sitting at my potter’s wheel about to create a one of a kind piece for the guest of honor. Within minutes a huge 18 inch clay vessel is created. Guests are in awe of the magic that is happening right in front of their eyes. But it is not magic, it is a master potter creating a work of art from a lump of clay. Guests are enamored by the process. Immediately, the host steps up to be first to sign with a feather quill deep into the clay surface. Followed by immediate family, others gather around to inscribe their names, symbols, and sentiments. Everyone takes great pleasure in coming up to sign as the evening goes on. By the end of the event, signatures have permanently been inscribed and the piece goes back to my studio for embellishment, customization, and firing. A real heirloom has been born that can be handed down for years to come. The wonderful quality and magic of clay transports the ideas of the past, and celebrates them in a personalized piece of art today.

The Bat Mitzvah girl’s 90 year old Grandmother signs the new piece of artwork

Grandma Signing Clay Bowl

90 year old Grandma Signing Clay Bowl

The Signature Program can be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.  The piece is then taken back to the studio to be finished.  The other alternative is for the piece to be made at the studio in which case there would be no live performance at the event.

In either case, the guest of honor will have a beautiful heirloom commemorative bowl for generations to come!

For more information, view Day in Clay Signature Program or call (845) 786-2243

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Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman