Rock Your Guests with a Music Theme

Creative Ideas for a Music Theme Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding, Sweet 16 or Party

A love of music is universal. For many it is a passion in life that translates into collecting, creating, learning to DJ, writing, singing, and more. If you have a wedding, bat/bar mitzvah or party coming up, a music theme might be perfect for you.

Music Theme Bar & Bat Mitzvah Logo, Neon, Glow

Music Theme Bar & Bat Mitzvah Logo by Cutie Patootie Creations

Bar Mitzvah Logo (above) by Cutie Patootie Creations

Bring your guests into your world and share your love of music with lots of clever and creative musical elements that will have everyone feeling the noise.

Music Venue

Music Theme Ideas - Melrose Ballroom - Concert Venue Queens NYC

Melrose Ballroom, Astoria NYC

What better place for a music themed event than a venue that also hosts concerts?  Melrose Ballroom is a brand new, industrial chic, multi-level, 25,000 square foot venue, located five minutes from Manhattan in Long Island City, NY. The versatile event space specializes in creating beautiful and unique weddings, mitzvahs and parties.

Music Theme Centerpieces & Decor

Music Bar & Bat MItzvah Theme Ideas - Balloon Columns & Instrument Cut Outs

Music Themed Balloon Columns at Ballroom Entry by Life O’ The Party

A great entrance can be stunning, and can also get your guests into a dancing mood. These balloon columns by Life O’ The Party frame the entrance to the ballroom, and feature giant instrument cut outs.

Guitar Centerpieces

Guitar Centerpiece by Balloon Artistry

For your centerpieces, why not kick things into full gear with a colorful, eye-catching music-themed sculpture. Balloon Artistry can create just about any shape you can imagine into a creative centerpiece, including a rocking guitar!

Guitar Centerpieces - Music Bar & Bat Mitzvah Party Theme Ideas by Life O' The Party

Guitar Centerpieces by Life O’ The Party

Life O’ The Party creates personalized guitar centerpieces with glittering details and CDs.

Music Bar & Bat Mitzvah Theme Ideas - Beatles Theme Lampshade Centerpieces

Beatles Theme Lampshade Centerpieces by Flower Power Designs

Flower Power Designs created these eye-catching lamp shade centerpieces which featured the guest of honor’s favorite rock groups.

Music Party Theme Photo Cubes, Rock Jam Bar Mitzvah Centerpieces

Music Theme Photo Cubes by Balloon Artistry

Photo cubes are a great way to showcase your favorite photos to all your guests.  Balloon Artistry took it to a new level, allowing the Bar Mitzvah boy to “jam” with his favorite groups in the cut-out photos on top!

House of Rock Theme Bar Mitzvah Party

David’s House of Rock Sign by Where The Art Is

Custom signage keeps the theme going throughout the event, like this illuminated “House of Rock” sign from Where The Art Is.

Piano Photo Frames - Table Numbers for Music Theme Bar / Bat Mitzvah

These piano glass frames from Cool Party Favors can be used as table number frames, or to frame your menus.  They’re very affordable, and often guests will ask to take them home.

Sheet Music Decorations

Sheet Music Wedding Decorations

Sheet Music Wedding Decorations

Paper can be fashioned into many beautiful decorations, and using sheet music gives added dimension while keeping with the theme.  Cut outs of treble clefs can be used in the centerpieces, and paper flowers made with sheet music are a whimsical detail.

Photos: Studio A Images via Style Me Pretty, Junebug Weddings, Chick a Bug Blog,

Board

Music Theme Bar & Bat Mitzvah Sign In Board

Speaking of signage, guests will love seeing the guest of honor with his or her favorite band on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine!  Custom sign-in board by Balloon Artistry.

Record Sign In Board for Music Theme Bat Mitzvah Party

Record Sign In Board by Flower Power Designs

Flower Power Designs created this giant record sign-in board – a great memento to hang in the teen’s room long after the party’s over.

Music, Guitar & Record Guest Sign In

Music, Guitar & Record Guest Sign In

There are a ton of ways to create eye-catching decor with re-purposed musical instruments and equipment. Your local thrift store or antique shop should turn up some interesting options. Here, guitars and music stands get a new life as sign in boards for the guests.  You can also use an old turntable to display records for guests to sign.

Photos: Junebug Weddings, Wedding Photography Design, It’s a Bride’s Life

Music Invitations

The invitation sets the tone for your event. Many of us remember the days of tape cassettes, and this invitation is a fun nod to old school music before the age of technology kicked into high gear.  A similar cassette design “Our Love Mix” is available from Minted.

Vinyl Record Wedding Invitation  Vinyl record invitations will definitely set the tone for your event! Available from Minted.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & VendorsEscort Cards

Music Theme Bar & Bat Mitzvah Place Cards - VIP Backstage Passes & Album Cover

Balloon Artistry Escort Cards – Album Cover VIP Backstage Passes

 Balloon Artistry designed personal VIP backstage passes featuring famous album covers, a real creative way to guide your guests to their table.
Music Theme Mitzvah & Party Ideas - CD Bin Escort Card Table

Life O’ The Party CD Bin and Escort Cards

Guests can browse through the record bins to find their seating cards. This CD bin, complete with alphabet dividers just like in a brick ‘n mortar store, was designed by Life O’ The Party.

Go retro with classic mix tapes that can double as favors.

Music Note Place Card Holders

Music Note Place Card Holders

Let your guests take their cue and find their seats.  Musical Note Place Card Holders available from Cool Party Favors.

Music and Entertainment

Interactive Bar & Bat Mitzvah Music Games & Entertainment

Electric Guitars from Amazing Amusements and Dance Dance Revolution from Interactive Entertainment Group

Your music and entertainment vendor can help you find creative ways to incorporate the theme into the entertainment. Let guests rock out with interactive games, like Dance Dance Revolution from Interactive Entertainment Group, or Guitar Hero from Amazing Amusements.  There are so many possibilities to choose from!

Custom Candle Lighting Songs from Your Broadway Song

Your Broadway Song will create a personal song for your guest of honor’s Grand Entrance. It will get your guests singing and dancing and make your child feel like a star!

** Check out mazelmoments Music & Entertainment Vendors **

Logos & Favors

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Grippy Socks Favors & Giveaways

Socks are a popular giveaway at bar & bat mitzvahs, and it’s easy to see why!  They’re fun, useful and keep guests on the dance floor. These bar mitzvah grippy socks from Cool Party Favors can be customized to fit your theme.  Regardless of the design you choose, guests are sure to love them!

Music Party Theme - Water Bottle Label

Music Party Theme – Water Bottle Label by Tailor Made Water

Who doesn’t check their gift bag or cubbie hole for the requisite bottle of water?  This music theme bottle label, designed by Tailor Made Water, says it all and comes already affixed to the bottle of the best pure spring water!

Music Theme Bar & Bat Mitzvah Logos

Music Theme Bar & Bat Mitzvah Logos by Cutie Patootie Creations

Your logo will not only reflect your theme on napkins, gobos and the sign in board, but also on apparel favors.  Designers such as Cutie Patootie Creations can make your music theme logo fun and colorful.  Rock your guests with tees or sweats to wear to the after-party!

Chocolate Record Favors for a Music Theme Bar Mitzvah Party

Adding these chocolate records from Cool Party Favors to each place setting will add a personalized and much appreciated touch to your tables.  The unique favors are delicious and Kosher.

Cake & Dessert

Keep the theme going through your dessert and candle lighting. This re-purposed piano makes a great dessert bar and themed desserts are a fun touch.

Guitar Cake

Music Bar & Bat Mitzvah Theme Ideas - Guitar Cake

Guitar & Case Cake by Cake & Co

Forget about smashing the guitar – just eat it!  This acoustic guitar cake complete with case is available from Cake & Co.

Music Theme Bat Mitzvah Cake with Classic Violin

Classical Music Bat Mitzvah Cake by Madison Lee’s Cakes

For the classical music lover, Madison Lee’s Cakes provides an elegant option, surrounded by musical notes and topped with a violin.

Music Inspired Details

There are plenty of beautiful ways to incorporate your theme. Custom stamps, menu cards, the list goes on. It’s all in the details.

We hope we’ve inspired you with ideas for a rock or music theme wedding, bat/bar mitzvah, sweet 16 or party.  Enjoy!

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Written by Lonni Delane