10 Ideas for Decorating with Doilies

Doilies give the look of intricate lace to all kinds of craft decor projects. They’re lovely and eye-catching, so light and airy that they lend a delicate feel to almost anything. With just a few simple craft tools, they transform from a quaint table top accent into something else entirely.

Doilies can be found in both paper and crochet fabric. By using wallpaper paste, fabric stiffener, or adhesives. you can mold and shape doilies into a variety of different things or apply them to a base. They’re fairly easy to work with without needing to be cut.  Here are 10 of our favorite ideas.

1. Doily Lanterns

Doily Lanterns - Decorating with DoiliesThese awesomely intriguing structures found on Tiptoe Through and Apartment Therapy can be created by layering doilies over a balloon with fabric stiffener and then popping the balloon when dry. Look at the amazing shadows they cast on a room when lit!  You can find gorgeous doily designs for sale here.

White Paper Lantern - Doily EyeletOr buy the lanterns pre-made from Martha Stewart.

2. DIY Candle Holders

Easy DIY Doily Candle Holder Project Using Balloon & GlueCandle holders get an upgrade with doilies. Use LED lights or regular tea lights in glass votives for soft, romantic lighting.  The super-easy DIY project involves a balloon and glue – view the full instructions here.

DIY Doily Mason Jar - Decorating with Doilies IdeasYou can also give mason jars an upgrade by gluing on doilies, like these from Studio 5. Use them for candle holders, candy, or vases for your centerpieces!

3. Table Runner

DIY Dolly Table Runner - Decorating with Dollies IdeasDoily collages con be hung up and used as backdrops or laid across a table as a runner. Beautiful crocheted designs are available for purchase here. View DIY Instructions from Ashley Ann Photography.

4. Doily Envelopes

DIY Doily Envelopes | Ideas Using DoiliesFold your doilies into envelopes and deliver your invitations with style.
Photo: Flickr

5. Wedding Seating Chart

Doily Wedding Seating ChartHang printed doilies from branches, like this example from Wedding Chicks, for an instantly romantic seating chart.

6. Cupcake Holders

Wedding Cupcakes with Doily WrappersCreate an attractive tiered cupcake display (like this one from Home Confetti) by placing your confections in doily cupcake wrappers.

Cupcake Wrappers - DoiliesThese adorable wrappers are available at Paper Orchid Stationery.

7. Doily Petal Tossers

Petal Tossers - Ideas to Use Doilies at Your WeddingIt doesn’t get much simpler than this craft project from Jan and Johann. To make petal cups for tossing at a wedding, roll the doily into a cone and tack it with a dot of glue or decorative sticker. Sit the cones in a wire rack and pass them out at the appropriate moment.

8. Decorative Banners

Doily Banners - Decorate with DoiliesString your doilies and hang them as banners.
Photo: Fete Fanatic

9. Doily Poms

DIY Ruffled Doily Lantern - Wedding DolliesRuffled doily pomanders make great ceiling decor. View DIY instructions on Ruffled Blog.

Red & White DIY Doily LanternsAdd in some color, like these from Apartment Therapy.

10. Doily Pinwheels

Decorate Your Wedding with Doilies - Doily PinwheelsAccordion-fold your doilies and pinch them in the center to create these pinwheels, like these from Wedding Bee.

Will you be adding doilies to your decor?  Tell us how in the comments below!

Photo Credits: Apartment Therapy, Tiptoe Through, Home Confetti, Jan and Johann, Wedding Bee, Studio 5, Fete FanaticPaper Orchid

Written by Lonni Delane