Interfaith Weddings: Jewish & Hindu Wedding Inspiration

Traditions for your Jewish & Hindu Interfaith Wedding Ceremony

Jewish Hindu Interfaith Wedding Traditions

One of the most beautiful things about weddings is that it it blends together two lives as one. Two backgrounds, two viewpoints on life, two families, and sometimes two religions.

Growing together in faith is an important part of marriage. If you are having an interfaith wedding,  finding ways to harmoniously incorporate the traditions of each faith can be tricky, but it can also make the wedding a unique and wonderful one. You may be surprised to find some unexpected common ground.While Jewish weddings follow Western traditions such as the bride wearing white, Hindu weddings tend to be bold and bright with a bride dressed in red and covered in jewels. However, there are actually quite a few common elements.

Wedding by True Events, Photography by Snap! Weddings
Officiated by Shira Adler

Interfaith Wedding Jewish Hindu CeremonyThe Henna Party – Decorating the bride’s hands in intricate henna patterns is actually a ritual in both the Jewish and Hindu cultures. It is a symbol of fertility and good luck in both cultures. View Jewish Wedding Pre-Ceremony Traditions

Circling Seven Times – In Jewish weddings it is called Hakafot, and in Hindu it is called Mangal Fera. In Hindu weddings a couple circles a fire seven times to legalize the marriage. In Jewish weddings, the groom or couple walks in seven circles symbolizing a wall to ward off evil spirits.

Jewish Hindu Wedding CeremonyChanting and Dancing – Both cultures can celebrate by having the guests chanting and dancing during the wedding procession.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & VendorsWith all the unique elements of both weddings, there are still plenty of ways to bring the cultures together.

Jewish Hindu Wedding - Sari ChuppahChuppah – This wedding chuppah has a multi-cultural twist – it’s covered in the traditional bright Hindu color and made out of silk sari material.

Ketubah - Choose a ketubah to reflect both cultures, whether it be the color, symbols, text or even language, the possibilities are nearly endless!

Attire - Most western brides have their heart set on walking down the aisle in a white gown, but pairing it with the beautiful traditional Indian jewelry of tikka and necklaces can create a breathtaking ensemble.

Officiants – Have co-officiants representing each faith to bless the couple. Cantor Shira Adler was able to bring out the beauty of both religions into the personalized wedding ceremony.

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Jewish Indian Interfaith WeddingMany other traditions like breaking the glass and drinking wine blend seamlessly into any wedding ceremony. A lot of couples will have two different traditional ceremonies for each culture. Decide together what traditions mean the most to the couple and the family.

Officiant: Cantor/Rev. Shira Adler
Event Planner: Sarah True of True Event
Photographer: Snap! Photography

Written by Lonni Delane