Personalized Custom Ketubah by Jonathan Blum

Ketubahs are in the midst of a revival.  The beauty of the ketubah, or Jewish marriage contract, is universal – it transforms your marriage vows into a work of art that can be displayed in your home forever.

While there are many beautiful ketubot to choose from, there is nothing more personal than a custom ketubah made specifically for you.  Meet artist Jonathan Blum….

Custom Tree of Life Ketubah

Custom Tree of Life Ketubah – Jonathan Blum

Jonathan Blum is a creative artist with a truly unique point of view.  His gift made him one of the top 10 artists nominated by the public to be in a group show at the Brooklyn Museum. His custom ketubot are completely personalized to showcase your interests and style. 

Commission a Custom Ketubah

Ketubah by Jonathan Blum

Jonathan’s custom ketubahs consist of 6 or 7 paintings or miniature portraits in each ketubah, each with a special meaning to the couple.  He’s created ketubahs with paintings of the pet dog, Verazano bridge, Adirondack Mountains, Western Wall, and even Mr. Met!

Jonathan Blum is the only ketubah artist that uses oil on wood ketubahs.  He is inspired by fancy ornate Italian ketubahs from the eighteenth century.

Custom Ketubah

Custom Ketubah by Jonathan Blum

The ketubah above was made for a Jewish-Thai couple. The calligrapher is Stephanie Caplan. It includes a painting of a Fiddler on an intricate Thai Roof. And if you look closely at the text, there is Thai script. You can’t get more personalized than that!  Check out the details…

Custom Ketubah by Jonathan Blum

Custom Ketubah by Jonathan Blum

How does it work?  You decide you love Jonathan Blum‘s work (a given…) and would like to commission a custom ketubah.  You and your fiance will meet with him for fun conversation over coffee or drinks.  It’s best to start the process 4 months before your wedding, 2 months at the least.  He takes the opportunity to get to know you – your likes and dislikes, where you like to go, what you like to do, what food you love, special religious symbols – to decide what images you’d like painted on your original ketubah.

You’ll schedule a sitting for him to paint your custom portraits. You can even send photos of your wedding outfits and he will make sure you’re wearing an exact replica!  You can also include your pet, favorite wine or liquor, food, landscapes, landmarks…anything that is important to you and helps tell your story.  The sky’s the limit with this artist!

~ No one does a more personalized ketubah than Jonathan Blum ~

Judaica Rabbi Paintings by Jonathan Blum

“Rabbi with the Gumball Machine”, called “The Peace Offering”, and the “Woman Rabbi”

Jonathan began creating custom ketubot after participating in an art show in Israel, where he was showing his popular fictitious Rabbi paintings.  The quirky and playful yet respectful art got him a lot of attention, and it wasn’t long before someone commissioned him to create a ketubah.

His talent and unique perspective make him a favorite with the hipster Jewish community.

From Jonathan “I am certain that these ketubot will become cherished family heirlooms. For my part, I consider it a mitzvah to be able to help couples mark and celebrate the spiritual covenant of marriage.”

Check out more from Jonathan Blum Portraits or call him at (917) 855-6564.

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