Tips for Your Candy Buffet & Centerpieces

5 Tips for the Perfect Candy Buffet and Candy Centerpieces from the Experts at CandyWarehouse

DIY Candy Buffet TipsEveryone loves candy, right? So including a candy buffet or candy centerpieces at your Bar or Bat Mitzvah or wedding is a win-win way to make sure your guests remember the celebration long after it passes. Not only does candy add a bit of nostalgic fun and whimsy to your motif, it also acts as a conversation-starter and a way to turn people who once were strangers into friends with shared memories. The experts at CandyWarehouse share their five best tips for a fabulous candy buffet.

Candy Buffet, Orange & Pink

Orange & Pink Theme Candy Buffet from CandyWarehouse

Building a candy buffet is a fun part of party planning. Ignite your creative energies by decorating your candy table, choosing specific styles of containers, filling them with candies that correspond to your event’s theme and devising a plan for your guests to take candy home as do-it-yourself party favors.


Candy provides a wonderful color palette that can be displayed in a multitude of ways, especially when you feature candy in various shapes, flavors, color shades and sizes. Variety not only makes candy buffets and dessert tables visually attractive, it also appeals to the differing tastes and preferences of your guests.

Rainbow Candy Buffet Table

Rainbow Candy Buffet from CandyWarehouse


Just like great landscaping or flower arranging, an aesthetically pleasing candy buffet or dessert table will present items at a variety of height levels. Not every jar and container will be the same height as another. You can even have a few tall containers presented as visual displays or centerpieces and then have many jars of the same height and size for actual sampling purposes. Of course, you could purchase containers in different heights to achieve this effect, but with a little creativity you can use one of our suggested techniques.

Orange Buffet Table Ideas & Tips

Orange Buffet Table from CandyWarehouse


To create different levels, find a few objects (e.g. dishware, books, paperweights, anything that is heavy and flat to provide a solid platform) that vary in height, and place them underneath your tablecloth using them as stands for your candy containers. If you aren’t using a tablecloth you can opt to purchase clear acrylic risers from any arts and crafts store to create height differentials. Or, you can get creative and employ interesting and artistic objects as risers and incorporate them into your candy buffet theme. The different ways you can present a candy buffet are limitless, but creating some height differentials will make it more interesting.


Although color is great, too many can detract from creating an artistic impression. In general, we suggest that you stick to two to three main colors that complement each other and present your guests with at least three to four different candies of the same color. Slightly varying shades of these colors are fine, and can be visually appealing! This way, your color scheme and overall color message comes through in the presentation. Keep your focus on one of the following groups: cheery primary colors, heroic complementary colors, reckless neons, or muted pastels. Or, go monochromatic and showcase a number of eye catching hues of a single color!

Single Color Candy Buffet

Purple Candy Buffet, White Candy Buffet Table

Purple, White Monochrome Candy Buffet from CandyWarehouse

Multi-Color Candy Buffet

Fall Multi-Color Buffet Table

Multi-Color Fall Buffet from CandyWarehouse


Finally, consider using candy as your displays, centerpieces AND party favors all at the same time! Here’s how:

Pink Candy Buffet Display Containers

Different Sized Candy Display Containers from CandyWarehouse

1. Purchase three different types of containers of differing heights that hold three to five pounds of candy. Place all three containers in the center of each reception table and fill each one with a different type of candy. Continue doing this for each reception table. For example, if you have ten tables you will have 30 different types of candy displayed.

Candy Party  Gift Bags

Gourmet Candy Bags & White Organza Bag from CandyWarehouse

  1. Provide little containers (think organza bags, Chinese takeout boxes, etc.) for each guest. Let the containers serve as seating cards or something a guest can pick up as he or she enters the reception. In or on the containers you can also provide a map or list of tables indicating at which locations the various candies can be found.
  2. Before the formal reception begins, guests will walk around finding their seats, visiting other tables and filling their containers with some of their favorite candies, creating custom favors!

And the most important tip we can give: Have fun and enjoy your celebration!

Thanks to the experts at CandyWarehouse for these great suggestions.  Find more inspiration and an amazing variety of candy at CandyWarehouse.

Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman