4 Tips for the Perfect Video Montage from Marvelous Montages

A wonderful way to showcase pictures of the Guest of Honor at your Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, wedding or special event, is with a Photo Montage. Sometimes, when people hear the word “Montage”, they may think of a repetitive slideshow with picture after picture and no changes. We’re here to show you how truly amazing and fantastic a Photo Montage can be!

Marlene from Marvelous Montages shares her Top 4 Tips for the Perfect Video Photo Montage for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah or Special Event!


Marlene: I love designing Photo Montages and bringing your pictures to life with moving images, animations, photo transitions and lots of imagination – to present a creative, well balanced video. You will enjoy watching this on the night of your party and many, many times after as well. Like the other vendors you partner with for your celebration, when selecting someone to design your Montage, it is a good idea to trust your photos with someone who has the tools, equipment, experience and joy for design – it will definitely show in the final product.

I’d like to share four tips on preparing for your Montage and also show some Marvelous Montages samples so you can see how exciting Photo Montages can be!


A Montage can be designed in any way, but many fall within two categories – Chronological or in Categories. A Chronological Layout presents the photos in order from early baby photos to present day. In a Category Montage, the photos are grouped together in a common theme for each section. Some ideas are: Family, Friends, Siblings, Sports, Vacations, Activities, Guest of Honor alone, etc. or in the case of Theo’s Montage, one section devoted to his hair!

Chronological – Madison and Matthew’s B’nai Mitzvah Montage

Category – Brooke’s Bat Mitzvah Montage


Now that you’ve decided on the layout of your Montage, you can begin selecting photos. It’s nice to include pictures of meaningful people in your life, places you’ve visited, special occasions you’ve celebrated and also photos of just everyday fun. Action shots are also great because they add a good energy to the Montage. Montages can consist of any amount of photos, with the most popular being between 75-100 pictures. Whatever the length, I always view the Montage many times while designing to make sure it flows nicely and always keeps your interest. If you have anything you’d like to go over as you’re choosing your photos, I am happy to help.

Havah’s Bat Mitzvah Montage

Joseph’s Bar Mitzvah Montage:


After you’ve gathered your pictures, you can go through them and write down some specifics that can help add to the design – a special location in the photo, a certain birthday, a special award won, a sports achievement, etc. I really enjoy making your Photo Montage very personalized through the inspiration your photos give me and through the details you share about your pictures. Also, if you are having a specific theme to your party, that can be incorporated into a special intro and outro, like with Katelin’s Fire and Ice Theme and Evan’s Basketball Theme.

Katelin’s Fire and Ice Intro/Outro Sweet 16 Montage:

Elan’s Music/Guitar Intro/Outro Bar Mitzvah Montage:



Music is the other key ingredient that helps shape the flow of your Montage story. When you have your pictures selected, look them over and see which songs would best accentuate their time on screen. I find that a variety in the music also helps moves things along as your photos are shown. If you are using 4 songs, maybe have 2 that are slower and 2 that are a bit quicker in tempo. I do find that a fun, upbeat song is a good way to finish the Montage with great energy! If you would like some song suggestions, I have a list of songs that I can send that have worked well in previous Montages.

Phoebe and Levi’s B’nai Mitzvah Montage:

Ty’s Bar Mitzvah Montage:

Like the other aspects of your party in which you make a special investment, a Photo Montage is one of them. It is a moving memory book of your photos to be shared with family and friends at your celebration and also watched many times after, year after year, bringing lots of smiles. You can watch your Montage on DVD or on your smartphone or tablet. I hope you can see how special it is to have a Photo Montage – I would be happy to hear from you about designing your very own Marvelous Montage. :)

Marvelous Montages 1 minute commercial:

 We’d like to thank Marlene of Marvelous Montages for sharing her work and tips with us! View more of Marlene’s fabulous montages.

Written by Sheryl Daboosh

Sheryl Daboosh