Trend Alert: Bar Mitzvah Save the Date Videos

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Music Video – Save-The-Date Invitation Trend

The latest craze in Bar & Bat Mitzvahs is Save-The-Date videos!  Music videos let the bar or bat mitzvah take center stage and rock (or rap) out, and completely entertain their guests before the celebration begins!  Invitations are known to set the tone for the event – fun, creative and hilarious bar mitzvah videos definitely let guests know they’re in for an amazing time!

Some bar mitzvah videos have even gone viral:

Jorel’s Queen Bar Mitzvah Save-The-Date Invitation

Jorel is half-Asian, half-Jewish and got family and friends involved in a mash-up of iconic Queen songs, even including a sprinkling of “Gangham Style”

Daniel’s Rap Music Bar Mitzvah Video

Daniel did a remake of the “Welcome to Atlanta” rap video by Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris, with lyrics like “Read from the Torah, Do the Horah, You Know I’m Not a Kid Anymore-a”.

Want to make your own Save-The-Date video?  Here are some tips to make it stand out, without spending your child’s college fund to do it!

4 Tips for Your Amazing Bar or Bat Mitzvah Music Video

1. Choose the Perfect Song

Chances are, if your child is interested in making a music video, he or she loves music!  Picking a song should be fun for them!  It should be a song they love and connect to, that most guests will recognize. Get the whole family involved for a fun brainstorming night. From classic rock to pop music and hip-hop, almost any song can be “bar-mitzvah-fied” with the right lyrics.

2. Write Fun Lyrics

Here’s where your child’s personality and creativity can really shine through.  Definitely sprinkle in some Hebrew and Yiddish words wherever possible!

Need help?  There are tons of resources that can help you with lyrics – ask your bar mitzvah DJ, or professional writers like Custom Poetry Company, who specialize in bar & bat mitzvah writing.

3. Location, Location, Location

If your song choice has a music video, you can do a remake using the music video as inspiration.  You can also follow Daniel’s lead and film by landmarks in your bar/bat mitzvah location. This will also get guests excited about making the trip! Be creative. Check out this Gangham-style video filmed in an Israeli playground.

Here’s where the professionals can really help out.  You can contact companies that specialize in bar mitzvah montages, such as Marvelous Montages, or find a bar mitzvah videographer such as Professional Video LLC or Brad Photographers & Video that can bring your vision to life.

4. Make Way for Cameos

Get people involved!  Family, friends, your Hebrew teacher, Rabbi…the list is endless! If you happen to know a celebrity, now’s the time to call in your favors.  Or get a celebrity look-a-like to make an appearance.  But most of all, HAVE FUN!!

Have other tips for making an awesome bar or bat mitzvah video?  Feel free to share them below!

Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman