Bar / Bat Mitzvah & Wedding Invitation Trends for 2012

Get ready to have fun!  Picking out invitations can and should be an enjoyable process!  It is your first chance to make a statement to your guests about what they can expect from your event, whether it be a wedding, bat or bar mitzvah, baby celebration or any special event.

Judy Levy from Salutations provides her tips for finding the perfect invitations!

Bat & Bar Mitzvah, Jewish Wedding Invitations | Checkerboard


Where To Begin?  

Before you start shopping for wedding or party invitations, you first need to determine your budget, and have an idea of how many people are on your guest list. Being prepared with the quantity that you need, and the approximate amount you can spend on each invitation will make the shopping experience much more focused and less overwhelming.

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Judy’s Tips:

Expert Tips for Buying Tallit- Keep in mind the number of people invited does not equal the number of invitations you need.  A couple or a family will only need one invitation.                     – Always order 15-20 additional invitations.


Armed with a Budget & Guest List, Let The Fun Begin!

Party Invitation from Checkerboard

Checkerboard Invitation

Here’s the part where you can start to get creative and really let your personality really shine through.  The areas to keep in mind are Style, Size, Color, & Text.

Bat & Bar Mitzvah & Wedding InvitationsStyle

In order to find your own unique style of invitation, it’s a great idea to visit stationers or stationery stores in person.  Many stationers have decades of experience (Judy has been in business since 1974!) and can see what you like and help steer you in the right direction.

If you’re looking for a bat or bar mitzvah invitation, many families choose to incorporate a religious symbol that pays tribute to the meaning of the momentous event, such as tallit or the Jewish star.

Tallit Bar Mitzvah Invitation from Carlson Craft

Carlson Craft

** Trend Alert **  Distinctive Themes

Invitations can be tied to your event theme, or communicate a theme on their own!

Here is an example of a themed invitation for destination wedding from Checkerboard:

Destination Wedding Theme Invitation from Checkerboard


Size also plays a factor when purchasing invitations.  Do you gravitate towards standard size invitations or rectangular oversized invites?  Invitation size will affect the cost as well as the number of lines of copy that you can include.  The thickness of an invitation should also be considered.

Tip: If you’re ordering online, always request a sample so you can gauge the size and thickness of the invitation.

** Trend Alert **   The Thicker the Better

Multiple layers add thickness and dimension to invitations:

Layered Wedding Invitation from Checkerboard



One thing’s for sure.  Technology is constantly advancing and inspiring creativity. There are more invitation colors and graphic designs to choose from than ever before.

** Trend Alert **   Unique Colors

Bat Mitzvah Invitation from Carlson Craft

Carlson Craft

Beautiful invitations can be found in any color you can imagine!

For weddings, the color trend for 2012 is Orange, or Tangerine Tango.

For bar & bat mitzvahs, popular colors for 2012 are Plum, Teal & Honeysuckle.

Text: Engraving & Fonts

There are different types of engraving. The least expensive option is thermography, where the text is not raised or indented into the paper.  Letterpress is the most expensive printing option, and provides a deep imprint of each letter or symbol, for example:

Letterpress Engraving How It Looks Example

In general, there are many fonts to choose from for your invitation.  Higher end invitations may have a greater selection of fonts.

Judy’s Top 5 Tips for Invitations

  1. - Wear surgical gloves when assembling your invitations.
  2. - Store in a dry area.  If anyone smokes, make sure the smoke is kept away from the invitations.
  3. - Be careful of under-ordering.  It’s always better to order more than you think you’ll need.
  4. - Check Your Grammar!  Be especially careful when ordering online. One of the great benefits of working with a stationer is avoiding grammatical mistakes. One thing’s for sure – in the invitation business, errors can be expensive!   Check out 15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly.
  5. - Always order a proof of your invitation. Bring the complete invitation, including all of the enclosures, to your local post office to be weighed before buying the stamps.

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