10 Wedding Cake Ideas & Trends

10 Most Popular Types of Wedding Cakes for Jewish & Kosher Weddings

Industry experts share the hottest trends in wedding cakes.

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1. Different Shapes

More and more cake designs are veering away from the traditionally symmetrical round tiers. Many modern couples are choosing sleek square cakes. For couples that dare to be different, bold colors and patterns, unique shapes, and contrasting sizes create eye-popping looks that are sure to wow their guests even before they have their first taste.

Colorful Wedding Cake, Top Trends & Ideas for Kosher Wedding Cakes

10 Wedding Cake Trends - Unique Shapes, Kosher Wedding Cakes

Kosher Wedding Cakes from Heather Barranco Dreamcakes

2. Glitter & Bling

Brides that love bling are adding a little sparkle to every part of the affair… and the cake is first on their list! Edible sequins, sugary shimmer, and colorful glitter can be used as much or as little as desired to make your cake dazzling.

Cake Trends - Bling Wedding Cakes with Crystals

Bling Kosher Cake by Classical Caterers at Congregation B’nai Tikvah, NJ

Glitter & Bling Wedding Cakes - Kosher Cake by Cake & Co. New Jersey

Bling Kosher Wedding Cakes by Cake & Co. NJ

Pink & Gold Wedding Cake

Pink & Gold Cake by Pink Cake Box

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3. Themed Wedding Cakes

One of the popular cake themes seen by Brianna Ellis from The Sands At Atlantic Beach is “Sprinkled With Love.”  This theme can extend throughout the desserts for a colorful, memorable, and sweet ending.

Colorful Wedding Cake, Sprinkle Theme

4. Classic Opulence

Extravagant wedding cakes are back in vogue, adding drama and glamour to the cake table.  Inspired by reality TV and celebrity bakers, many couples are splurging to get the cake of their dreams.  An abundance of layers, artfully designed details, and gourmet ingredients combine to form a delectable piece of art!

Kosher Wedding Cakes NYC

Kosher Wedding Cakes by World of Chantilly NYC

Jewish Wedding Cake by Sylvia Weinstock

Sylvia Weinstock Cake at Capitale NYC by Anthony Vazquez Photography – View Full Winter Wonderland Jewish Wedding

Venues & Vendors - Wedding, Bar & Bat Mitzvah Party, Jewish, Kosher

5. Texture

As whimsical romance re-emerges as a theme for weddings, texture is being incorporated into everything from the invitations to the linens to the cake. Ruffles, rosettes, and raised designs are becoming common additions to traditional smooth wedding cakes.

Trends for Wedding Cakes - Texture - Kosher Cake by Cake & Co. New Jersey

Ruffled Kosher Wedding Cake by Cake & Co. NJ

Creative Textured Wedding Cakes - Kosher Cake

Textured Kosher Wedding Cakes from Heather Barranco Dreamcakes

6. Wedding Dress Inspired Cakes

Wedding Dress & Gown Cake, CakesCake by Heather Barranco Dreamcakes

Inspired by fashion and finding their dream dress, many brides are creating cakes with gown-inspired details, such as the lace or buttons.

7. Flower & Bouquet Inspired Cakes

Flower & Bouquet Wedding Cake, CakesBouquet Cake by Cake & Co.

Flowers are also a source of inspiration for many couples.  From a single statement flower to a replica of your bridal bouquet, the creative possibilities are endless!

8. Upside-Down

Actress Kaley Cuoco celebrated her New Years Eve wedding with an upside-down cake, subsequently putting this innovative cake trend on top of everyone’s list. Like an edible chandelier, this style is already exploding for eager party planners dreaming of a unique spin.

Upside Down Wedding Cakes

Upside-Down Wedding Cake from The Butter End Cakery

9. Mini-Wedding Cakes

Mini Wedding Cakes, Kosher Favors Long Island, NY

For a trend your guests are sure to love – send them home with a cake of their own!  Choose a smaller cake for the ceremonial cake cutting, and give mini-cakes as wedding favors, like these kosher cakes by My Chocolate Sunflower in Long Island, NY.

10. Wedding Cake Skewers

According to Ellen Vaknine from Esprit Events Kosher Catering, many couples are asking how to serve their wedding cake.  While it’s still popular to serve it family style, or set up a table with pre-cut slices, Ellen suggests a fun alternative that we’re loving!  Create Wedding Cake Skewers!  You can serve these “cake kebobs” as a passed dessert, or add it to your dessert buffet presentation.

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Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman