Blending Jewish Traditions and Customs with Your Las Vegas Wedding

Guest Post By Raquel Ryan, Always & Forever Weddings and Receptions

Choosing to hold your destination wedding in Las Vegas doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the elements that make your union sacred. Jewish wedding customs, for example, are often incorporated into Las Vegas weddings and the resources required to accommodate them are readily available. You can, in fact, quite easily blend Jewish traditions and customs into your Las Vegas wedding.

Local Rabbis

To find a local Rabbi to perform your service, start with your venue’s event manager. They are asked as often as they host weddings for referrals to local clergy and are likely to have some great advice for you.

The Ketubah

The Ketubah is the marriage contract that ends the official engagement and is required to spiritually marry. It is custom-designed for each couple and is signed just before the wedding ceremony. You can order Ketubah’s online and bring them with you for your Las Vegas wedding, and some venues even offer Jewish wedding packages that include a Ketubah.

The Chuppah

Many venues, from small chapels to elaborate resorts offer chuppahs, or traditional Jewish wedding canopies, as additions to their Las Vegas wedding packages. Where they are not standard, a local florist or designer can generally rent you a Chuppah for use during your ceremony. They can be simple or elaborately decorated and are a meaningful addition to the perfect Jewish wedding in Las Vegas.

The Seven Blessings, The Kiddush Cup

Many couples will have a family Kiddush Cup which is used in the ceremony during the Seven Blessings. Both the bride and groom drink from the vessel to sanctify their union. The blessings and cup can be incorporated into any Las Vegas Wedding.

Glass Smashing and Mazel Tov

No Jewish wedding is complete until the groom smashes the cup and everyone yells Mazel Tov! Your Rabbi will generally help you prepare this element which can be very easily obtained and is the perfect culminating moment as you say I Do.

Hosting a Las Vegas wedding definitely does not require you sacrifice your beliefs and the Jewish customs and traditions that make your marriage so meaningful. Just plan to blend them with your plans and celebrate!

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