Making the Memories Last – Featuring Deneemotion Boutique Event Cinema

Over time, even the most special memories fade. Details are blurred and moments are forgotten. An event video is a special keepsake that can instantly bring you back into that moment for years to come.

Deneemotion Boutique Events Cinema specializes in videography for special events, and they were in Chelsea, London to capture Max’s September 2012 Bar Mitzvah. The event was a fun celebration with amazing catering and cocktails, and no one could stop dancing all night long.  Here are some highlights from the bar mitzvah. View the Full Video: Max’s Bar Mitzvah in Chelsea.

The video begins with narration from a touching and heartfelt speech made by Max’s Dad, who promises to “leave  proper character assassination to later speeches”. He also challenges his son to live his life “finding and delivering a message of excellence and greatness.”

As the video unfolds, every detail is captured from the cocktails and centerpieces to the breathtaking view and gorgeous uplighting.

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The newly bar mitzvah’ed Max hangs out with his friends.

The video does an amazing job of capturing the energy of the event. The guests all have a great time taking pictures, wearing props,drinking and laughing with friends.

The DJ and entertainment team made sure everyone got out on the dance floor and enjoyed themselves. Deneemotion created a video that was full of life and Max and his family will be enjoying it for years to come, remembering all the loved ones who were there to celebrate this important milestone. Mazel Tov!

View Full Video: Max’s Bar Mitzvah in Chelsea

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Written by Lonni Delane