Neon Pink & Zebra Jungle Theme Bat Mitzvah

Morgan Imberman Bat MitzvahMorgan Imberman is a competitive gymnast with a love of animals, especially monkeys!  A jungle theme was perfect for her bat mitzvah on March 2, 2013. The service as well as the party was held at Temple Beth El in Chappaqua, NY.  Morgan’s mom Melisa Imberman is a talented event planner and founder of The Event of a Lifetime, so it was no surprise that the bat mitzvah was creative, colorful, and perfectly executed! The family converted the temple into a jungle, but not just any jungle…a neon pink jungle with monkeys everywhere!

Beanbag Chair

Morgan’s bat mitzvah logo was screen-printed on a 6’ tall, new-age pink beanbag chair.  Melisa wrapped Sharpies in Zebra duct tape & attached them to chair.

Chair BeanbagEscort Card Tree

Each guest’s name and table number was written in neon pink on a silk leaf that was easily plucked off of a vine.  The vine was woven into a real tree.

Escort Card Tree, Jungle ThemeEscort Card Tree LeavesEntrance Video

Morgan’s entrance video set the tone for the entire party. The video cleverly showed the similarities between Morgan’s skills as a talented gymnast with the actions and flexibility of monkeys.  It showed monkeys swing on branches and then Morgan swinging on the uneven parallel bars. Some of the video was shot at the Bronx Zoo and some at her gym.

Bat Mitzvah Video Bronx ZooPlay Entrance Video (Produced by Video Specialists of New York)

Grand Entrance

As guests entered the party, the song ‘Jungle Boogie’ was being played.  Her parents then entered, followed by Morgan’s big brother, then the entrance video played. Morgan entered to the song ‘Welcome to the Jungle.’ She was announced as the Queen of the Jungle and carried in on a raft that was adorned with zebra print fabric, neon pink ruffles, leaves and flowers. She was led into the room by a percussionist accompanying the song on bongos.

Bat Mitzvah Grand Entrance

Hot Pink Bat Mitzvah Lounge

The teen lounge was a fantasy jungle of pink and zebra print with monkeys hanging from trees.  A giant decal of her bat mitzvah logo hung on the wall.

Bat Mitzvah Teen Lounge Neon & PinkJungle Theme Bat Mitzvah PartyOn the kid’s buffet there was a menu printed on a wood grain paper and placed in a zebra frame that was held by a monkey.

Menu Jungle Theme Party MonkeyInstagram

On the tables in the kid’s lounge, there were cards with Morgan’s logo and a picture of an iPhone that read:

If u take a pic, we want to c

Plz post them on Instagram #3213

Instagram Bat Mitzvah PartyAdult Tables

The tables were wrapped in neon pink spandex. The centerpieces were trees with exotics flowers and monkeys.

Pink & Zebra TablesJungle Wood Table NumbersThe charger plates were actually slices of a tree trunk. The menus were printed on a paper that looked like wood and were wrapped in zebra print napkins.

Bat Mitzvah Party MenuSpecialty Drinks

Jungle-themed drinks were served, such as Jungle Juice, Monkeytini, and Rainforest Fizz.  The drink menus were printed on the same wood grain paper and placed in a zebra frame that was held by a monkey.

Specialty Drinks & Cocktails Bat Mitzvah PartyThe family also served a Pinot Noir called Morgan.

Pinot Wine PersonalizedAll the glasses had colorful plastic monkeys hanging from them, and the napkins also displayed the party theme.

Monkey Theme Party SuppliesActivities

Guest were able to take photos or download images onto a set of nails that could be applied at the party or taken home along with adhesive.

Guests could also take photos that were printed on a Fathead-like decal.

Morgan’s camp friends had a sleepover after the party. Since there were too many girls to transport themselves, they hired a party van.  The girls piled into a tripped out van that blasted music, had a laser light show and snacks.

Bat Mitzvah Cake

The cake was topsy turvy with alternating tiers of neon pink and zebra print.  The center tier had Morgan’s logo. Monkeys with pink bows sat on the top and bottom tier.

Zebra & Monkey Bat Mitzvah CakeDance Floor

The dance floor was surrounded by a jungle canopy with monkeys hanging from it.  There was a giant decal of Morgan’s logo on the dance floor.

Dance Floor Decal PartyDance Floor Giveaways

All of the things that the DJ gave out were animal print, including hats and glasses. In addition they gave out little stuffed monkeys that wore a shirt with Morgan’s logo.

Party Giveaway MonkeysAttire

The zebra and pink theme extended all the way to the attire of the bat mitzvah girl and her family! Morgan wore a neon pink high-low gown. She had the dress lined with zebra print fabric.

Bat Mitzvah Dress - Neon, Pink & ZebraHer nails were neon pink and the nail on her ring fingers were zebra print.

Pink & Zebra Nails, Nail ArtThe family coordinated their styles. Dad Marc and brother Alex wore black suits with pink ties and zebra print socks.  Mom Melisa wore a black gown and zebra print shoes.

Imberman Bat Mitzvah NYZebra Theme Dress, Shoes, SocksYarmulkes

The yarmulkes were white leather with black zebra stripes.

Zebra Yarmulkes, KippotBat Mitzvah Favors

The girl’s sweatshirts were white with one logo in the back and another in the front.  The hood was lined with zebra print fabric.  The front of the sweatshirt was hand cut into a v-neck & studded.

Sweatshirt Hoodie Bat Mitzvah Party FavorFarewell Snacks

As guests left, they had a variety of animal print and monkey cake pops to take with them.

Dessert Buffet Table Zebra Neon PinkThe family also put out a cupcake dispenser that looks like a giant gumball machine.  Each guest was given a token, when they put it in the dispenser a mini-cupcake in a pod came out.

Cupcake DispenserGuests were also offered coffee to-go cups with Morgan’s logo.

Mitzvah Project

For Morgan’s mitzvah project, she organized a Cartwheel-A-Thon where she does gymnastics. The money that she raised will be used to send a less fortunate child to The International Gymnastics Camp.

She also collected old cell phone batteries to help save gorillas from extinction.  Recycling the batteries help save the gorillas because the trees in the African Rain forests contain something called Colton which is used to make cell phone batteries.  Now that more and more people have cell phones, they have to cut down more and more trees.  When they cut down trees, they are cutting down gorillas’ homes. By recycling old cell phones we are saving gorillas and trees.

What thoughtful and appropriate projects!  Mazel Tov to Morgan and her family.  A special thank you to Melisa from The Event of a Lifetime for sharing your family’s special day with us.

Vendor Credits:
Event Planner: Melisa Imberman, The Event of a Lifetime
Décor/florist: Xquisite Flowers & Events
Photographer: Peter Oberc

Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman