Your Ultimate Guide to Event Photo Booths

Whether you’re planning a wedding, bat or bar mitzvah, or 90th birthday party, having a photo booth at your event is guaranteed to entertain your guests!

Photo Booth Photo Strip for Weddings, Bat & Bar Mitzvah Parties and EventsIt’s easy to see why photo booths are so popular. They’re easy to use, provide instant gratification, and guests of all ages enjoy them.  Once that curtain closes, guests can really let loose.  Their fun and craziness is captured for them to take home and the hosts to enjoy.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

Photo booths should be booked approximately six months before your event to ensure your hiring of a reputable company.  Before renting a photo booth, there are a number of things to consider.  With the help of NY Video Group, we’ve come up a list of questions to help you find the perfect photo booth!

What photo options does the photo booth have?

Photo booths vary in the different options for photos. Some allow guests to choose different color options, for example full color, sepia, or black and white photos. They may also be able to select fun frames and backgrounds.  Some photo booths may also include a video option where guests can record a message and the host will receive a video diary with all the recorded messages.

Also check to see what kind of fun upgrades might be available, such as party props like leis, wigs, hats, frames and funny outfits. Props are always a great hit with every age crowd!

Is the photo booth Internet compatible?

There are some hot new features available for photo booths. One of them is their ability to have Internet compatibility.   You guests can instantaneously send their photos to their favorite social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & VendorsWhat will the guests & hosts receive?

We all know the guest will walk away from a photo booth with a funny (or embarrassing) photo strip. But where will they put it? Some photo booth rental companies will provide personalized strip holders, photo frames, or photo magnets that make great party favors!

For the hosts, a photo booth rental will usually come with a scrapbook. Most photo booths print two copies of each photo strip.  One can be pasted into a the scrapbook making an instant guest album … the other the guests can take home.   Some rental companies will also provide a USB stick with all of the photos.

What types of photo booths do you offer?

Photo booth rental companies may offer different types of photo booths to choose from. There is the always popular standard photo booth. Others have LED lighting which can be illuminated in your choice of color.  There are other options sometimes available, such as restored vintage looking photo booths.

Photo Booth Rental for Weddings, Bat & Bar Mitzvah Parties and other Events

Where should the photo booth be placed?

Photo booths should be placed where it is easily visible to your guests, so they know it is there for use.  The MC at your party should also make announcements periodically to  remind your guests that there is more fun awaiting them at the photo booth!

How many attendants are needed to operate the photo booth?

When you are hiring a photo booth company, you should have two attendants properly dressed and maintain a neat working area.  By having two attendants, you can make sure the photo booth is never unmanned and your guests do not have to wait too long.

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Special thanks to Cataldo Lobascio from NY Video Group for providing such useful tips and ideas!

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