Inspiration for an iPhone, iParty Theme | Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Party

Creative Ideas for a Technology Theme for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Sweet 16 Party

The world and the way we communicate has been revolutionized by Apple products.  It’s not surprising that families and teens are taking the cue and creating iPhone, iPad and iPod-themed Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Sweet 16s and weddings!

Here are some of our favorite ways to showcase the “iParty” theme at your next event.


iPhone Bat Mitzvah Invitations | Technology Party Theme Ideas

The invitation provides a perfect opportunity to give guests a glimpse of the party theme.  With an iPhone theme, there are so many creative options, like this fun invitation from Cutie Patootie Creations.  The invitations are completely customizable with any color combination or pattern.

iPhone Cell Phone Bar Mitzvah Invitations | Technology Party Theme Ideas

Cell Phone Bar Mitzvah Invitations available from Cutie Patootie Creations.

iPhone iParty Mitzvah Invitation RSVPThe RSVP card can also reflect the look and feel of the iPhone.

Photo: Perfect Party Orlando

Sign In Board

Lucite iPhone Sign-in Board for Bar & Bat Mitzvah Theme by The Showplace Floral Design & Event Decor

Showplace Floral & Event Design  created a giant lucite iPhone sign-in board featuring Bar Mitzvah boy Ben’s logo. The sleek and personalized design makes it perfect to hang in the child’s room after the event.

iPad Sign-in Bar Mitzvah PartyHigh tech sign-ins now involve an iPad.  Melisa Imberman from The Event of a Lifetime explains, “the guest of honor gets to pre-load custom backgrounds, then the guests use a custom iPad podium to select a background, write a message and have their picture taken. After the party all of the messages and pictures are printed and bound in a hard cover glossy keepsake book.”

Text 2 Screen is also popular and a great interactive element for your guests.  According to Melisa, “during the party, guests use their cell phones to text messages to a number provided, and their messages are then displayed on the plasma TV’s at the party.  The plasmas can also display trivia questions and guests can text their answers.”

Facebook Bat Mitzvah Entrance

Facebook Bat Mitzvah Party EntranceSetting the Mood created this custom Facebook-inspired entrance for the bat mitzvah girl.  Guests got a sneak peak into her favorite apps before they entered the room!

Escort Cards / Place Cards

iPhone iParty Escort Cards Perfect for the music lover, this escort card display had a personalized card for each guest that resembled an iPod, creatively arranged on a cardboard guitar cutout.

Photo: Party and Event Guide

iPhone Place Cards iTunesYou can also create iTunes Music Cards that include the guest name and table number like these from ABNC Parties.

iPhone Cookies Escort Cards Edible escort cards are always a crowd favorite! Event Planner Melisa Imberman of The Event of a Lifetime had cookie escort cards made in the shape of an iPod. Each cookie had the guest’s name and table on it.

Bat & Bar Mitzvah Centerpieces

Technology-inspired centerpieces are bound to be creative. It’s easy to get overwhelmed as the technology landscape continues to grow.  Be sure to choose a focus, whether it’s apps such as Facebook or Pinterest, music, a single product or your favorite products.  You can also use product brand imaging and colors as inspiration to come up with something completely unique.

iPhone iPod CenterpiecesiPod Music Centerpieces by Balloon Artistry iPhone iPod Bar & Bat Mitzvah“What’s Your Color” iPod Centerpieces by Balloon Artistry

Hashtag, Facebook & Instagram Bat Mitzvah Party Ideas & Logos

Many teens work with a designer to create a logo for their event. Flower Power Designs took inspiration from a hashtag, Facebook and Instagram to create custom pillows, candy dishes and other creative decor elements.

iPhone Theme Bar & Bat Mitzvah Menus with Text Conversations

At each place setting,  Showplace Floral & Event Design  placed a menu card in the shape of a cell phone with a text conversation about what’s for dinner.  Genius!


Giant iPhone Party Entertainment | Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16Guests will love playing with the world’s largest operating iPhone from Interactive Entertainment Group. Play Angry Birds or any iPad game or app on this Giant iPhone.

Kippot (Yarmulkes)

iPhone iPod Kippot, YarmulkesThe iPhone theme can even be reflected in your kippot, like these Connect yarmulkes found in Special Events Magazine.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Favors

Chocolate Candy Cell Phones, Favors for iPhone Theme Bar / Bat Mitzvah Party

Talk all you want on these chocolate cell phones from Cool Party Favors!  Each candy phone is made of premium milk chocolate and weighs more than a Hershey bar. Kids and adults will love these fun takeaways.

Bar Mitzvah iPhone Party FavorsMelisa Imberman, from The Event of a Lifetime, suggests giving guests Custom iTunes Cards as favors. The front of the card can be customized with your logo, monogram, photo, or any type of personalized text or image.  The back of the card has details explaining how to download the music.

iPhone iPod Sweatshirt Party FavorAnother high tech favor is called Hoodie Buddie. According to Melisa from The Event of a Lifetime, these sweatshirts can be customized with your logo and they have a hidden headphone jack in the pocket for your iPod.  At the end of the drawstring there are ear buds so that you can listen to your music.

Cool Party Favors | Custom Credit Card Wallet Strap for iPhone

Guests will also love going home with a custom credit card holder for their cell phones from Cool Party Favors. The backstrap adds a rugged look to their smartphones, while effectively protecting them from surface scratches.

Cake & Dessert

iLife Cake - iPhone Birthday Cakes for Cell Phone & Technology Theme by Cake & Co

Cake & Co. created an “iLife Cake” to resemble a mobile device workstation. iPhones, an iPad, earbuds and popular apps come together to form a true piece of edible art!

iPhone Apps Cupcakes iPhone Cupcakes can make a great addition to your dessert table.  (Photo via Tumblr) For a DIY option, Cupcake Toppers can be found on Etsy.

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We hope you enjoyed these ideas for an iPhone theme Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Sweet 16 party. We’d love to hear your thoughts or ideas in the comments below.

Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman