5 Steps to Use Pinterest for Wedding, Party & Event Planning

Pinterest, the latest social media craze, has revolutionized wedding, party and event planning! It’s easy to see why.  Pinterest has taken the fun (but old school) process of tearing photos from magazines and organizing them into binders or folders, and moved it online!  Now you can add any photo to your online “virtual” pinboards.  Even more – it’s social.  Your friends and followers can like your photos, make comments, or even repin your photos and share with their followers!

To give you a visual, here is the virtual pinboard of mazelmoments.com. Some of our boards include “Color Inspiration“,  “Bat / Bar Mitzvah & Party Ideas“, “Chuppahs“, “Wedding Ideas“, “Amazing Party Photos“, “Amazing Wedding Photos“, “Cakes“, and “Baby Celebrations.”  And we’re constantly adding boards and photos!

mazelmoments.com - Wedding, Bat & Bar Mitzvah, Party, and Event Planning on Pinterest

Here’s a close up of part of our “Cakes” board.  YUMMY!!

Cake Photos on mazelmoments Pinterest profile

If you were to follow mazelmoments.com on Pinterest, you would see our new photos (“pins”) on your personalized Pinterest home page, along with the new pins of others you follow.  You can choose to “Follow All” of someone’s boards, or only follow specific boards that interest you.

For those of you that don’t know where to begin, or think you’re not tech-savvy enough, we promise it’s SIMPLE & FUN!

5 Easy Steps to Wedding, Bat & Bar Mitzvah, Party & Event Planning on Pinterest

1. Join

You can sign up for an account on the Pinterest website.  Just click “Request an Invite” and add your email address.  You will be added to a waiting list and notified when your membership is activated.  You can skip the wait by having a friend who is already on Pinterest send you request (they can easily “Invite Friends” from their account).

Pinterest Registration Page

2. Create Boards

Here’s where you can begin using your creativity.  You can create boards to help you plan your event such as Invitations, Gowns, Flowers, Cakes, Centerpieces, Favors, and Photo Ideas.  You can also create boards to reflect your inner beauty such as “My Style” or “My Vision Board”.  You can keep track of “Recipes I Must Try”, “Places To Visit”, “Home Decorating Ideas” or even “My Bucket List”.  The possibilities are endless!

You just need to click “Add” on the top of the Pinterest homepage and you’ll see the following pop-up.  Click “Create a Board”.

Pinterest Add Boards and Pins

Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & Vendors3. Download the “Pin It” Button

There are 3 ways you can pin photos to your boards:

  • Copy and paste the site links.  Just click “Add” on the top of the Pinterest homepage and “Add a Pin”.
  • Upload an image from your computer.  Just click “Add” on the top of the Pinterest homepage and “Upload a Pin”.
  • Use the “Pin It” button (Recommended).  This little button makes web browsing so much fun!  All you need to do is follow the simple steps to install the “Pin It” button to your web browser. Once it’s installed, any time you see a photo you love from anywhere on the web, you just click the button and the photo will automatically be pinned to the board you choose.  It’s fun, and slightly addictive!

Click on “About” at the top of the Pinterest homepage, and click on “Pin It Button” and follow the simple directions to drag the button into your toolbar.

Pinterest Pin It ButtonAn iPhone app is also available. We recommend it, although the functionality is much better online.  We’re sure they’ll improve the app in the near future.

4. Start Following!

Your Pinterest account can be tied to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, making it easy to find and follow friends.  You can also follow experts, authors and bloggers for inspiration.

5. Start Pinning!

You’re ready to start pinning!  Find photos you love and pin them to your boards using the directions in step 3.  Repin photos from people you follow on your own boards.

Happy Pinning!

Written by admin