5 Ideas for Wedding Aisle Décor

A traditional Jewish wedding ceremony includes many things (must have a chuppah!). But there are also plenty of ways to get creative with wedding ceremony decorations and ensure your Jewish wedding stands out from the crowd and reflects your personality. Here are five wedding aisle décor ideas to inspire you!

1. Decorate the Aisles

Wedding Ceremony Aisle Decorations - Stars, Hearts, Pom-PomsHere are three funky ways to perk up your aisle, starting with using glitter stars in varying sizes and colors, like the ones above from Jennifer Lynn Events. Pick colors in accordance with your color scheme, or add in neutral metallic accents (as pictured above) for some pop! Glitter stars are an easy way to add sparkle on a night you’re sure to be seeing stars!

Hearts are a traditional sign of love, and these paper hearts on a stick, like the ones from 100 Layer Cake, are a playful way to add them into your décor without being too kitschy. Like the stars, choose colors that go with your scheme and simply place along the “I Do” route.

Pom-poms have come a long way from elementary school art projects. These grown up versions, also from 100 Layer Cake, are made of tissue and are reminiscent of flowers. Light and airy, these are sure to look whimsical no matter the venue.

2. Decorate the Chairs

Wedding Ceremony Chair Decorations - Photos More than just a physical place to walk, the aisle carries tremendous value as it is a route that literally takes a couple from single to married. What better way to mark this milestone than by lining the aisle with photos of the happy couple! Go in chronological order, from young to old, a la It’s a Bride’s Life. Friends and family alike are sure to “aww” at how far you’ve both come.

Heart Wedding Ceremony Chair Decorations Another way to add hearts to your ceremony is to place pillowy hearts on the back of each aisle chair, as demonstrated by Green Wedding Shoes.  Not only does it add a fun, loving feeling to your wedding ceremony, but it’s also great for a beautiful pop of color.

Florists & Party Decor3. Get Creative

Aisle Decor Beach Wedding | Sand, Balloons, LED LightingEven the most traditional of ceremonies can take place in the most untraditional of places. Play up your space by spicing up the aisle! Guests at your beach wedding are sure to be in awe of a multi-colored sand aisle like this one on Green Wedding Shoes. This is a subtle and fun way to spruce up an already exciting locale.

Balloons are a party favorite, and when done in corresponding hues, are sure to look beautiful tied sporadically to chairs on the aisle. These oversized round ones on Weddings by Lilly are classier versions of their more immature cousins.

Though shown inside like on Pinterest, lighting your aisle can be done virtually anywhere! Place lights underneath the aisle and your smiles won’t be the only things illuminating the event!

4. Fun with Flowers

Ombre Flower Petals, Wedding Ceremony Aisle DecorationsFlowers are traditional (and gorgeous!) wedding aisle decorations, but there are many unique ways to stray from the classic strewn petals. Ombre has made a big statement everywhere, from hair to nails, and now flowers! Arrange petals in an ombre pattern down the aisle, going from light to dark (like on Style Me Pretty) or vice versa for an eye-catching take. Another idea is to arrange the flowers in an ombre pattern directly in front of the chuppah, also seen on Style Me Pretty.

Geometric Wedding Ceremony Aisle Rose Petals | ColorblockingAnother huge fashion trend hits the runway….err aisle, with colorblocking! Cynthia Martyn features flowers arranged in a colorblock pattern that is so striking, no one will even realize they’re flower petals.

5. Light Up the Night (or Day)

Candles Wedding Ceremony Aisle DecorationsCandles are elegant and romantic, whether you’re having a day or night affair. Candles can be arranged right in front of the chuppah in various shapes and sizes like on Wed Luxe, uniform candles lining the aisle as seen on Inspired by This or candles in vases both tall and short like on Evantine Design.

Your big day is already going to be one to remember, and these are just a few of the many wedding ceremony decorations you can choose from to make it even more memorable!

Written by Lyndi Halpern

Lyndi Halpern