20 Cool Ideas for Your Photo Booth & Photo Favors

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this is especially true of wedding, bat & bar mitzvah and party photos. New and unique photo booths and photo favors are the hottest trend at parties and feeding our Instagram-craze and photo-obsession, according to Maya Kalman of Swank Productions.  The options and features are getting better by the day, so we’re excited to bring you….

20 Ideas For Your Photo Booths & Photo Favors

1.Luxe Lights

Lights are a great way to add some pop to your next event. By choosing either a color that’s already a part of your scheme, or an exciting accent color, lights will help illuminate your night!

Vanity LED Photo Booth

Vanity LED Photo Booth from Vision Entertainment

Vision Entertainment Group reinvents the photo booth with an updated take on the classic. According to Daniela Grafman of Vision Entertainment Group, “Modern photo booth options include LED lighting and are highly interactive.” Choose what color lighting fits with your color scheme and your photo booth will complement your decor.


No matter what type of event you’re hosting, everyone loves something a little bit interactive. Whether it’s a graffiti wall, custom collage framing options, or fun props, allowing your guests to get creative will be a unique aspect they’re sure to remember.

2. Virtual Graffiti Wall

Virtual Graffiti Wall Photo Booth, Bar & Bat Mitzvah EntertainmentIf you are looking for a photo booth for your next occasion, why not look for something new and different? Virtual Graffiti Wall from Interactive Entertainment Group will be sure to generate a buzz as the photo attraction of your event. The graffiti wall is unique, interactive and it also sends each guest home with a photo favor!

Guests have their photo taken, then have the chance to customize their photo with interactive spray can technology.  Finally their masterpiece is printed as a party photo favor.

3. iBuild

Photo Booth CollageThanks to a plethora of phone and computer apps, everyone can be an artist and turn their favorite photos into collages! Custom Incredibles Presents iBuild makes this a reality at your next event by allowing guests to build and print their own collages right then and there!

How does it work? A host will be capturing lots of exciting photos from your event and continuously feeding them into the touch-screens. Guests can then make a collage using four of their favorite images. Guests can personalize their collages by choosing custom borders and captions. The photo is printed for a fun photo favor, and can also be instantly emailed for online sharing.

Music & Entertainment

4. Instagram Photo Booth & Print Station

Instagram Photo Booth, InstaCamThe InstaCam photo booth from Interactive Entertainment Group provides an experience like no other. Your guests enjoy the traditional photo booth experience, and create a print photo favor that looks exactly like an Instagram post.  The print can be customized, and any smart phone in the room can take photos and print from the kiosk.

Step 1 – Guests take a photo with Instagram.  Photos can be taken from their smart phone or directly at the kiosk.
Step 2 – A custom hashtag is used when posting pictures to Instagram.
Step 3 - Photos instantly print at the Instagram Photo Booth.

5. Selfie Mirror Selfie Mirror Photo Booth | Photo Booths New York & New Jersey

Who doesn’t love a good selfie? Now picture a mirror that can replace your cell phone to capture the perfect selfie. This unique photo booth from  Interactive Entertainment Group is the first image-capture mirror, revolutionizing the art of photography and selfies!

6. Giant Strip Photo Booth

Giant Strip Photo Booth | Photo Booths NYC, NJ, CTIf you want to wow your guests, the Giant Strip Photo Booth from Interactive Entertainment Group is a crowd-pleaser.  Rather than your typical photo strip, it prints a mega strip with four 4 x 6 photos.

7.Super Booth

Cool Photo Booths, Super Booth

For a truly interactive experience, check out the Super Booth from Interactive Entertainment Group. With pulsating lights, surround sound music, and a screen that plays video, it’s a complete entertainment package for your fun-loving guests.


Photo booths are a great addition to any event. They allow guests to take photos home that very same night, and there are tons of options to fit the style and budget of every host!

8. Red Carpet Photo Booth

Red Carpet Hollywood Photo Booth

Red Carpet Photo Booth from City Sounds Entertainment

Whether you’re having a themed b’nai mitzvah or wedding, or just want a little something extra at your next event, there are tons of styles of photo booths to choose from. City Sounds Entertainment‘s Red Carpet Photo Booth will make all of your guests feel like celebrities!  This option is perfect for a Hollywood theme!

9. Open-Air

Photo Booth Rental with Fun Props NYC, NJ

Sweet Dreams Photo Video offers a unique open air photo booth that provides laugh out loud entertainment for weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs, Sweet 16’s and other events. The open air setup is fun and social, allowing for large groups to get in a photo together.

10. Classic

Coney Island Photo Booth, Photo FavorsOld is new again, and Dance Time Entertainment‘s Nostalgic Coney Island Photo Booth will transport guests to an older time even at the most modern of events.

11. Vintage

Vintage Classic Photo Booth, Majestic Photobooth

Vintage Photo Booth from The Majestic Photobooth Co.

The Majestic Photobooth Co. specializes in all things photo booth, and it’s no wonder that their ever popular Vintage Photo Booth is a crowd favorite. Red velvet curtains lead to the booth which prints vertical photo strips just like the ones from back in the day!

                                                                12. Modern & Sleek

PodPix Photobooths

PodPIx Photobooths & Favors

PodPix Photobooths helps you jazz up your next event with their modern, sleek photo booths that include all the latest technology. Guests will love the cool, round design and fun features. Booths can be customized with themed backdrops and designs. Open Air Photo Booths are also available!



Whether you’re looking to add a kitschy focal point to your next event (see the enormous inflatable chair below!) or give your guests something sweet to go home with, there are tons of ways involving photos that are fun and different.

13. Creative Backdrop

Wedding Photo Booth Trends NYC

According to Maya Kalman from Swank Productions, “customizing the background of the photo area is one easy way to spice up your pictures.  At this wedding the couple chose a long silver glitter fringe for a glamorous and elegant look.”

14. Fun Signs

Photo Booths NJ, Fun Signs at Powerhouse

Powerhouse Studios & Entertainment and Vegas NJ now have fun signs and props available with their Photo Shop Favors or Photo Booths! They also have custom Step and Repeat backdrops that can be added with your logo or name! Book one of these fun photo systems today for your next event! Available at all 3 of their NJ locations and off site at the location of your choice!

                                            15. Magazine Covers – You’re the Star!

Themes Magazine Cover Photos

Your Photo Shoot on Magazine Cover

Take your themed party to another level.  Amazing Amusements will put you on the cover of your favorite magazine!  Be a star and the talk of the town!

16. Photo Frame Wall

Fun Photo Booths, New York - Photo Frame Wal

Swank Productions also suggests the option of a photo frame wall – a wall adorned with pictures and empty frames, allowing guests to appear in the frames!  At this spooky Halloween themed wedding, party guests popped up in old antique frames for some creepy and clever photos.

17.  Fun Props

Photo Booth Bar Mitzvah Party Entertainment

Photo Booth Ideas, Sweet Dreams Photo Video NY, NJ Sweet Dreams Photo Video offers a variety of fun props for their open-air photo booths.  Guests can choose from frames, masks, hats, gloves, signs, and so much more!

Giant Chair Photo Favors | Bar Mitzvah, Party

Giant Chair Photo Favors from Amazing Amusements

Amazing Amusements creates just that: Amazing Amusements!!! Whether you want your photos on lollipops, or a giant chair as a prop, they’ve got you covered…and then some.

18. Edible Photo Favors

Photo Chocolate Lollipops | Bar Mitzvah, Party

Chocolate Lollipop Photo Favors from Amazing Amusements

Photo Chocolate Lollipops from Amazing Amusements.  These amusements aren’t just amazing, but bound to be memorable, too!


The motto “pictures or it didn’t happen” has been even more enforced with the rising popularity of the hashtag. It’s commonplace now for those hosting events to ask their guests to use one hashtag so that post-event, all of the photos people post to social media are easy to find. This is a great way for guests and hosts alike to see all the pictures from the event in the same place. It’s also the one time you won’t get annoyed when people have their phones out!!

19. Instagram Hashtag Streaming

Instagram Photo Streaming | Bar Mitzvah, Party, Wedding

Instagram Photo Streaming from Interactive Entertainment Group

Interactive Entertainment Group takes this concept a step further by aggregating all of the pics tagged with the same hashtag and displaying them at your event! Encourage guests to post right away so you can see what they’ve snapped in real time!

20. iPad Interactive Sign In Boards

High-Tech-Sign-In Board | Bar & Bat Mitzvah PartyWith high-tech sign-in boards from Interactive Entertainment Group, guests can strike a pose as they sign your board. Four different photos are taken which can be immediately emailed to the guest, guest of honor and others!

We highly recommend all of the above vendors as well as these photo booth and photo favor vendors. When the day of your event has come and gone and all that remains are memories, photos are a great way to look back and remember the amazing time you had with family and friends!

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Written by Lyndi Halpern

Lyndi Halpern