Tips for Buying Tallit (Jewish Prayer Shawl)

Tallit | Jewish Prayer ShawlIt’s not often in life that you’ll need to buy a tallis, or Jewish prayer shawl.  So if you’re reading this, then Mazel Tov!  You are probably in the wonderful process of planning a bat / bar mitzvah, or a Jewish or Interfaith wedding.

With the help of Lisa Prawer, The Tallis Lady, we’ve developed this Tallit Buying Guide to help you find the perfect tallis that will be in your family for decades to come.

Expert Tips for Buying Tallit

Buying a tallis is a once-in-a-lifetime event for many people.  Bring the family along.  Include the grandparents if you can.  Treasure the experience!

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Endless Possibilites

Before you begin looking for tallit, you may have already noticed that there seem to be endless possibilities to choose from!  For example, The Tallis Lady has over 400 stylesof tallit!

Expert Tips for Buying Tallit

Before you start looking, think about the color, price and fabrics you don’t like. This will help narrow down your choices

Know Your Options

The first step in buying a tallis is knowing your options. Tallit come in a variety of:

  • Styles
  • Sizes
  • Materials
Styles of tallit range from Traditional to Modern.
Traditional tallitot are usually navy and white. More contemporary styles include a splash (or more) of color.

Expert Tips for Buying Tallit

Make a note of the designers of the styles you are drawn to. Tallis designers each have a signature type of work, so you may be able to narrow down your choices to a particular designer that you like.


Tallit Trends:

In general, Lisa, The Tallis Lady, says that people are buying tallit that are Traditional with a Contemporary Feel.

Traditional Tallis with Contemporary Feel

Traditional & Modern Judaica

For women, sheer fabric tallit is a popular option.  It looks beautiful, and you are also see the bat mitzvah dress or shul outfit.

Bat Mitzvah Tallis Sheer

For men, navy has always been, and will probably always be, the most popular tallis.

Bar Mitzvah Tallis with Israel Landscape


Sizes of tallitot vary. Many judaica stores, including The Tallis Lady, carry standard size tallit.  For women, the standard size is 18 x 72, and for men the standard size is 22 x 72 or 22 x 80.  Larger sizes can be ordered.

Expert Tips for Buying Tallit

Don’t get a bar mitzvah tallis that your son will soon outgrow.                   Lisa suggests not buying a Tallit to match your outfit but to buy one for life!



Tallit price range from $75 – $480.  More expensive tallit consist of higher quality fabric and are hand made, featuring more intricate detail. At the lower end, the fabric is usually machine made.

Tallitot can be made from many types of fabric, including:

  • Wool
  • Silk – Variety of silk fabrics to choose from.
  • Cotton
  • Polyester – Sheer polyester tallit are very popular for women.
  • Organza

Caring for Your Tallit

Once you have purchased your tallit, you shouldn’t have to worry about it!  Most tallitot come in a bag for storage.  Some people store the tallis bag in a plastic bag to be extra careful.

Expert Tips for Buying Tallit

You shouldn’t have to clean your tallis.  If you get a lipstick stain or other stain, you can have it dry cleaned.  Do not machine wash your tallit.

For The Tallis Lady, personal service is a top priority.  Get 10% off your order using coupon code tallit

Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman

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    wow nice design.

  • Ben of Ben’s Tallit Shop

    In her sizing guidelines Ms. Prawer forgot to mention that many people prefer a full-size tallit that drapes down the back. From my observations, these “Orthodox” sizes (e.g. Size 45, Size 50, Size 55, Size 60) are making a comeback in non-Orthodox congregations.

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    Thanks so much for your feedback Ben!