Top 5 Trends in Wedding & Event Videography

After all of the planning and anticipation, your wedding, bar mitzvah, or reception is over.  It went by so fast!  You remember Uncle Steve tearing up the dance floor.  Bits and pieces of the speeches or candle lighting ceremony can be remembered – there was one joke that got everyone laughing but you can’t quite remember the punchline.  In all honesty, most of the day is a blur.  A wonderful, fun-filled, happy, amazing blur.

Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Party, Corporate Event VideographersA few months later, when your dvd’s are ready, you can finally see your event!  All the happy memories can finally come together as one complete moment in time.  You are able to experience it all over again, through the eyes of a guest.  Actually two guests – the videographer and his or her video recorder.

Wedding & Event Videography has gone through so many changes.  We caught up with Ken Lehman of Ken Lehman Productions LLC to find out the Top 5 Trends in Video.

Top 5 Trends in Wedding & Event Videography

1. Let’s Get Digital

This is no longer a trend but a reality.  Event videography is now done primarily with digital video recorders.  Many videographers are now shooting on high definition as well.  The quality of your recorded wedding, part or event is the highest it’s ever been!


2. Save the Date Videos

Whether you’re hosting a baby shower, bar mitzvah, wedding, or party, a great option is a Save the Date Video.  Rather than a card or refrigerator magnet, this is a short dvd sent to guests up to 6 months in advance.  Save the Date Videos should be made as soon as possible, up to a year or more in advance, to allow time for editing and sending.

Source: Belle the Magazine

3. Creative Juices

Start researching videographers, and you will immediately recognize the influence of cinematography.  There is much more editing and creativity that goes into your final product.  In some cases, your dvd is similar to a well produced movie!  Most videographers also include a short documentary, highlighting the key moments of the special day.  Here is an example of how Ken Lehman made this short documentary into a music video!

4. Instant Gratification

With digital recording, video editing can be done on the spot!  Some high-end videographers can make a quick video of your wedding, party or event to be shown during the reception.  This requires multiple videographers, but makes for great entertainment!

5. Love Stories

At many bat & bar mitzvahs, and sweet 16’s, a video montage is shown during the reception to showcase the child’s life up to this point.  (Side note – a great option here is to match this montage to a personalized rap song written just for the guest of honor – read more about GiftRapped Custom Rap Songs & Slideshows).

An option for the bride and groom is to film a Love Story.  A Love Story is a short movie showing how the couple met and fell in love.  This is shot a few months before wedding to show during reception.

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