I’m Engaged! Now What?! 5 Steps to the Perfect Jewish Wedding

If you’re reading this, you likely just said “yes” to a romantic proposal from your soul mate. Mazel tov! The next steps post-proposal can be daunting, and we here at Mazelmoments are here to make it easier! Our Jewish Wedding Planning Checklist is extremely helpful as it will help you to stay on track and get everything done without the stress.

5 Steps to the Perfect Jewish Wedding

5 Steps to the Perfect Jewish Wedding | Jewish Wedding PlanningPhoto: Chad David Kraus Photography

Here are the top 5 things that we feel are important to start your wedding planning journey!  We hope you enjoy this amazing time in your lives!

1. Budget. Money can be an uncomfortable topic to approach, but it’s an unfortunate reality. No matter who is involved in the conversation: your fiancé, parents or simply yourself, be honest and decisive so you can move forward and get the ball rolling. Our Budget Manager is a great resource for keeping you organized, and making sure you have enough leftover to enjoy your honeymoon!

2. We find that selecting a Date and Venue go hand in hand. Depending what weighs heavier for you, one can dictate the other. If it’s important to you to get married on a certain date, you may need be to flexible on the location. If the perfect view is what you’re after, maybe go in with a desired season and not be set on a specific date.  Nailing down your date and venue are of the utmost importance as the availability of many of the other vendors you will hire will be dependent on date.

3. Begin looking for Musicians and Photographers – the good ones can get snatched up early so be sure to commit when you find the ones you love.

4. If you do not have a Rabbi that you feel close with, finding one, or any kind of officiant, is a very personal decision and one we feel should be handled from early on. We have a great tool for finding rabbis and officiants in your area.

5. Download Mazelmoments Jewish Wedding Planning Timeline & Checklist. Delegate some of the tasks to your fiance, family and friends.  And enjoy the process of checking things off your list as you plan your perfect wedding! Click the image below to download.

Jewish Wedding Checklist, Timeline, Planning

Jewish Wedding Planning Checklist & Timeline

There are seemingly infinite things to book before your wedding day, and while florists and ketubahs are important, the most important thing to remember is to enjoy it!! You are starting a new chapter with the love of your life and this is a beautiful thing! We hope our Wedding Timeline & Checklist helps ease the stress and makes this as enjoyable an experience as possible!

Written by Lyndi Halpern

Lyndi Halpern