Unique Bar & Bat Mitzvah Gift Idea

From Gabrielle, Ashra Designs 3D Judaic Art

Traditional bar and bat mitzvah gifts include money, gift cards, or the newest technological gadget.  Synagogues and temples regularly give the b’nai mitzvah boy or girl prayer books, kiddush cups or shabbat candlesticks.  As a parent, relative or friend of the young person who is becoming an adult in the eyes of the Jewish people, finding a very special gift with lasting spiritual significance can be a very difficult and frustrating task.  Plainly stated, there is  a lack of meaningful gifts for the boy or girl reaching this pivotal milestone.

Ashra Designs 3D Judaic Art has the answer to this dilemma.  We create personalized museum quality 3D bar or bat mitzvah art that captures the joy, spiritual importance, and true meaning of this important occasion.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Gifts | Art Gift IdeaThe b’nai mitzvah boy or girl will love the unique dimensionality of the art that it is personalized just for them.  The 3D aspect of the framed art will draw the viewer in and cause them to want to see more.  It will become a conversation piece that will be a constant reminder of this special day.

Each design is filled with symbols and images that are beautiful and deeply meaningful.  An inspiring quote is also incorporated into each piece of art.  These words capture the essence of the design and also become a message to the b’nai mitzvah to remember each day, and carry into his or her adult life.  The heart of the design features the b’nai mitzvah’s unique information; their name, beautifully rendered in Hebrew and English, the date of their simcha, and the first few lines from their parasha or haftorah.

Popular designs include:


Chai Art Bar Mitzvah Gift Israel

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Gifts | Israel ArHamsa

Bat Mitzvah Gifts - Chamsa Art GiftWhen you place your order, you will work directly with Gabrielle, the artist.  Gabrielle hand-cuts up to 12 layers to create and construct each 3D piece of art.  She will partner with you to create a stunning, personalized, and unique piece of art that will be cherished by the bar or bat mitzvah boy or girl for his or her entire life.  Click here to view more detailed information.

Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman