Your Ketubah – Jewish Marriage Contract & A Family Heirloom

We all want our memories of our wedding day to be everlasting.  Think of all the times (fun and sometimes not so fun) that go into the planning of your simcha. They all come together on that one day. And whoosh – it’s over and the honeymoon begins!  Of course, we cherish and remember the day through photos and videos but how about creating something that you look at and admire every day!!  Your ketubah can be a personal art piece that is custom designed – and with the attention that Deborah Raichman, founder of Rolnik Raichman, gives to integrating some of your personal heritage into the ketubah, it will be a cherished and admired commemoration of your Jewish wedding vows and commitments. What a wonderful wedding gift for your bride and groom!

Rolnik Raichman Ketubah - Jewish Wedding Marriage Contract

Rolnik Raichman Almond Ketubah

We spoke with Debbie to learn a little more about her ketubahs.

In an interview with mazelmoments, Debbie reveals her inspiration.

“I have been been studying and producing art work related to the Hebrew letters and their mystical interpretations for 20 years. In graduate school, I attended an art show at the local Hillel House that changed my life. The show consisted of ketubahs by an Israeli artist. It was my first time seeing Jewish art that was not depictions of rabbis or religious Jews. These were modern day art pieces that had a function in Jewish life; they were marriage contracts. These ketubahs  would be important and cherished by their owners and for all their future generations, a part of their family history.”


Soon Debbie was also creating ketubahs with a modern style and flair. In designing custom ketubahs, Debbie takes time to talk with the couple and incorporate personal symbolic meanings into their ketubah.  

Rolnik Raichman Ketubah for Jewish Wedding

Rolnik Raichman Ketubah

Debbie shares with us examples of some of the questions that help her to uncover those mystical references.

“I speak to the couples planning to be married and ask about their interests and taste. Are they interested in some classic style or something more modern? I show them books to look at. What are their interests and passions? I also ask them to go to my website, where I display paintings and mixed media art on the Hebrew letters, blessings and proverbs, and to point out which pieces they liked most and what was attractive for them. What color combinations were pleasing to them?

Rolnik Raichman Dalit Jewish Wedding Ketubah

Rolnik Raichman Dalit Ketubah

“I also try to incorporate symbols related to the meaning of the couples names and family names. Hebrew names have meanings and many family names also have meaningful translations. If the groom is a Cohen or Levite I also incorporate some symbolic designs pertinent to these groups.”

“I also embellish the ketubot with pytgamim from the Tanach that are related to the names of the groom and bride. For example, in the Golani ketubah below , the trunk of the tree has both families’ names. Some of the branches have sayings pertinent to the groom’s name,  Daniel, while others have pytgamim, sayings pertinent to the bride’s names: Yehudit Elisheva.”

Rolnik Raichman Golani Ketubah Jewish Marriage Contract

Rolnik Raichman Golani Ketubah

“Finally, I often use the practice of traditional Persian ketubot to decorate the ketubah by surrounding it with blessings for the new couple.”

In short, Debbie goal is to make “Each ketubah a one of a kind and especially designed for the new couple, made just for them!”

Many Judaica artists such as Deborah Raichman also create custom artwork for the home such as blessings for the home and as certificates and artwork for a bris or  baby namings.

For more examples of Deborah Raichman’s ketubahs and other Judaica artwork visit her at

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