Wedding Registry Gifts To Match Your Personality

Forget the Checklist – Register for the Things You & Your Fiancé Will Love

Guest Post by Esther De Vito

Wedding China | Registry GiftsYou have all seen it at one point. A girl standing in the middle of the chinaware department trying to figure out what pattern she will want to serve her pot-roast on ten years from now. And to the side is her fiancé, with a look in his eye that says “Doesn’t she know all these plates look the same?”

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A pattern will be picked, the dining sets will be given as gifts at the shower, and the plates will stay in your parent’s basement for the next five years because you don’t have room for the both of you, let alone eight sets of fine china, in your 700 sq foot apartment.

This process can actually be fun!

Take a break from the conventional, the expected, and do a little soul-searching…..

For the Traveling Couple

Register for a hiking daypack, CamelBak, wool socks to keep you comfortable in cold and warm temperatures (SmartWool socks at REI are a must!), waterproof camera case, travel clock, travel first-aid kit, travel umbrella, raincoats that pack-up really small, pocket compass, pocket knife, tent, sleeping bags, canteens, flashlight, headlamp, binoculars, trekking pole, luggage, travel books, and quick dry towels for those late night dips in the hot tub.

Wedding Registry Gift Ideas for the Traveling Couple

For the Traditional Couple

Register for Judaica gifts. Your friends and family will appreciate you registering for a gift that will be both meaningful to you and them. Whether you are more contemporary, whimsical, or traditional, Judaica artists are creating items in a wide variety of styles. Register for a mezuzah, Passover Seder Plate, menorah, frame or bowl. There are many pieces that can incorporate the broken glass from your ceremony. Many ketubah artists will custom design artwork for ‘blessings for the home’.  This can be a great way to start building your art collection and decorate your home.  You can go check out Judaica shops & artists on mazelmoments for more ideas!

Jewish Wedding Judaica GiftsAll products above can be purchased at the Jewish Gift Place

Traditional & Modern Judaica

For the Foodie Couple

Register for anything from William Sonoma, or more specifically, cook books, everyday silverware, Cuisnart KitchenAid stand mixer, chef’s knife, mortar and pestle, smoker, red and white wine glasses or grape variety specific, wine cooler, oven-to-table ware, a nice wine opener to replace that rusty corkscrew you have had in your kitchen drawer since freshman year of college, liquor glasses, beer mugs or steins, kegerator, coffee grinder, French press coffee maker, stovetop espresso coffee maker, set of espresso cups, saucers and spoons, and Le Cruset, which anyone with any interest in food and/or cooking needs at least one piece of in their kitchen.

Wedding Registry | Gift Ideas for Foodies

For the Techie Couple

Register for the iPhone, iPad, or a new computer.  The possibilities for gadgets and tech toys are endless – a blue-ray player, portable TV, camera tripod, camera lens(es), camera case that can hold all your new lenses, a set of really good surround-sound speakers for the TV, Roku box, GPS for the car, Satellite radio, MP3 player and speakers, Wii or PlayStation, Kindle or NOOK e-reader, and a new point-and-shoot camera with extra memory cards for all those fantastic photos you will take of you using your awesome new gadgets.

Wedding Registry Gadgets

For the DIY Couple

Register for a drill and drill bit set, tool box, saw, sander, wrench set, level, tape measure, screwdriver, multitools, ladder, workbench, goggles to protect your eyes, gloves to protect your hands, masks, tool belt and hardhat to make you look cool, and a fire extinguisher and vacuum or hand-vacuum to clean up the mess you will make when doing all those projects.

Wedding Registry | Gift Ideas for DIY Couple

For the Green Couple

Register for a set of BPA-free plastic containers for romantic picnics; glass jars to keep all your leftovers in instead of using aluminum foil or saran wrap; home soda and seltzer maker, which will help cut down on all those plastic bottles (I have a Soda Stream and I love it!); indoor composter; solar oven; FSC-certified wood products such as cutting boards, salad bowls and servers; rechargeable batteries and a charger; CFL bulbs; rain barrels; electricity monitors; solar charger; his and her ecofriendly bamboo bathrobe and towels; organic sheets, mattress and pillows; water filters for bathroom and kitchen faucets; and a EcoCase luggage set, which is made from 100% Recycled plastic and that you can take on your honeymoon.

Wedding Registry | Green Wedding Gift Ideas

Take that and run away with your barcode scanner.

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