3 Steps To The Perfect Signature Cocktails & Mocktails

Signature cocktails and mocktails are the perfect compliment to any event. They can be served before an outdoor wedding ceremony to cool off guests, as a cocktail hour addition, or even a sweetened liquid dessert. Not only does it give guests something a little more interesting to choose from than champagne or Pepsi, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to add more creativity to your menu!

So, where to start?

Your Signature Drink Style Guide

Something Blue Wedding Cocktails | Signature DrinksPhoto: Something Blue Cocktails

Step 1: Create it!

When creating your signature cocktail, consider what the drinks’ purpose will be. To refresh guests at a beach-side ceremony, bolster the dessert table, or personalize the cocktail menu? This will help you decide between that refreshing lemonade concoction and deliciously colorful milkshake.

Your Signature Drink Style Guide | Kahlua Float CocktailsPhoto: Kahlua Float Cocktail

Once you decide, consider the logistics that will impact the cocktail’s ingredients. In what season is your wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or party? Will the drink be hot or cold? When do you want it served? Will it be butlered, bar or self service? Your caterer is always a great source for ideas.

Finalizing the specific recipe may be the hard part, but it also means the fun part is just beginning!

Step 2: Style it!

The drink can become a memorable detail of your wedding or event décor. From the glass it’s served in to the straw inside it, your cocktail should speak to the affair’s entire ambiance. The best part about styling a signature drink is the limitless nature of where your own creativity can take you. Colors, taste, texture, and mood can all be woven into the cocktail or mocktail. For example, these cotton candy-topped champagne (or sparkling cider) flutes are a bright, whimsical dessert addition!

Signature Drinks Style Guide | Cotton Candy ChampagnePhoto: Cotton Candy Cocktail

The glasses your signature drinks are served in can be décor enough; champagne flutes for an upscale Saturday evening wedding or mason jars for a rustic barn event.

Your Signature Wedding Cocktail Style Guide | Mason Jars & Striped StrawsPhoto: Mason Jars with Straws

Whether serving from a waiter’s tray, self-serve station, or bartender’s bar, the décor you give the delicious drink’s vehicle can be as charming as the drink itself. A bar station can be as simple or as elaborate as the host dreams it to be!

Your Signature Cocktails Style Guide | Self-Serve Wedding Drink StationPhoto: Self-Serve Drink Station

Pops of color, glasses, and simple signs might be all you need for an elegant self-serve drink station, though more elaborate options are always available. Illuminate your elegant affair with these eye-catching LED bars from Interactive Entertainment Group.

Your Signature Cocktails Style Guide | LED Bars from Interactive Entertainment GroupCheck out more unique ideas from Interactive Entertainment Group.

Spring Geometric Drink Station - Wedding or Party Bar Styling Ideas

A unique backdrop, like this geometric example from HWTM, can draw attention to your drink station and add a fun dose of color and creativity to your event.

But forgoing the bar doesn’t mean missing out on all of its’ creative options! If waiters are distributing drinks in lieu of a drink station, the tray can be just as decked out as the bar! Adorn trays with party-relevant flowers, fruit, or even faux snow; these cranberry cocktails and snow-filled tray are perfect for a winter wedding or Bat Mitzvah.

Your Signature Drinks Style Guide | Cranberry Cocktails for a Winter WeddingPhoto: Cranberry Cocktail

Whether you fancy-up the tray with lace and flowers, or keep it simple and charming with a wooden serving pallet, allow it to reflect your personal style.

Your Signature Cocktails Style Guide | Burlap & Lace Wedding Drink TrayPhoto: Burlap & Lace Tray

The options for bar decor really are endless, so check out even more amazingly creative ideas here.

Step 3: Name it!

Giving your signature cocktail or mocktail a special name is half the fun of having it! Clever titles that play on the host’s names, occasion, and personality further individualize the drink, making it especially ‘yours’.

Bar Mitzvah Teen Drinks, MocktailsPhoto: A Magic Moment Photography

Joshua Coladas & Strawberry Zacharys were served at the twin boys’ B’nai Mitzvah.

Your Signature Drinks Style Guide | Lucky In Love Wedding CocktailsPhoto: Lucky in Love

Lucky in Love’s ingenious mix of ingredients and name had nothing to do with luck!

Your Signature Drinks Style Guide | Diamond Ring Sling Wedding CocktailsPhoto: Diamond Ring Sling

Clean card stock, ornate frames, and chalkboards are all great ways to present your drink’s name and add a little charm to the event’s decor.

Your Signature Drinks Style Guide | Mr. & Mrs. Wedding CocktailsPhoto: Mr and Mrs

Make it even easier by displaying the ingredients; this will help guests avoid drinking something they don’t like and from repeatedly asking what is in it.

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Having signature cocktails and personally styled service stations adds an extra dose of charm and individuality to your wedding, mitzvah or party. Don’t be afraid to get inspired by your own ideas, be creative, and have fun!

Written by Allison Grossman

Allison Grossman