8 Ideas for Modern & Creative Ketubahs

Ketubot have become more than just a marriage contract, but more so a reflection of a couple’s style. This Is Not A Ketubah Yes It Is (TINAK), a collective of Jewish artists from New York and Argentina, creates traditional pieces that double as works of art. With a category for practically anything you can think of, TINAK can depict places, artists, colors, shapes and even mythical creatures! The modern, high-quality designs enable couples to display Judaica in an innovative and interesting way. These categories represent 8 of the most popular TINAK ketubah styles, each with Jewish thought and tradition in mind.Modern Ketubahs | Ketubah Inspiration

  1. Artist-Inspired Ketubahs

The TINAK team can replicate the imagery of history’s most esteemed artists. If there’s a particular painting that is meaningful to you as a couple, your Ketubah design can be the perfect place to highlight it.  View all Artist-Inspired Ketubahs.

  • Kandinsky

Ketubah Kandinsky Floating Forms Ketubahs

Photo: Floating Forms Ketubah inspired by Wassily Kandinsky

  • Monet

Creative Ketubahs - Ketubah, Monet Art Quiet LiliesPhoto: The Quiet Lilies Ketubah Influenced by Claude Monet.

  • Warhol

Matzo Ball Soup Can Ketubah, Andy Warhol

Photo: The Matzo Matzo Ketubah Inspired by the art of Andy Warhol

  1. Ketubahs Featuring Your Favorite Artistic Styles

If there isn’t a specific artist that speaks to you, consider Ketubot designed within a certain genre of art. This Is Not A Ketubah Yes It Is can highlight the aesthetic of any movement or era and translate it onto your personal piece.

  • Abstract

Modern Ketubah, Abstract Art Inspired, Burnt Orange

Photo: The Burnt Orange Abstraction Ketubah inspired by Abstract Art

  • Pop Art

Light Strings Ketubah, Pop Art Ketubahs

Photo: The Light Strings Ketubah influenced by Yayoi Kusama’s Pop Art

  • Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau Bleu Ketubah, Unique KetubahsPhoto: The Art Nouveau Bleu Ketubah

  1. Modernize the Traditional

The Ketubah can also serve as a beautiful representation of meaningful traditions or symbols. Take this opportunity to highlight elements within the Jewish faith that remain significant to you as a couple and express them through a personalized design.

  • Hamsa Symbol

Hamsa Ketubah, My Beloved MonochromaticPhoto: My Beloved Monochromatic Ketubah

  • Ahava, Love

Ahava Ketubah, Love Ketubahs

Photo: The Ahava Ketubah

  • Jerusalem

Old City Ketubah Featuring Jerusalem, Israel Ketubah

Photo: The Old City Ketubah

  1. Choose A Modern Theme

Modern-themed pieces highlight the contemporary vibe of This Is Not A Ketubah Yes It Is. While each Ketubah honors the core values of Judaism, designs in this category provide a unique and creative twist.

  • Sunlight

Sunlight Ketubah, Bold, Vivid Ketubahs

Photo: Under The Sunlight Ketubah

  • Moonlight

Ketubah with Moonlight Sky & Stars, Creative KetubahsPhoto: Under The Moonlight Ketubah

  • Cyan Swirls

Modern Ketubah, Blue Cyan Swirls

Photo: The Cyan Swirls Ketubah

  1. Go For An Intricate Papercut Design

Papercut Ketubahs are created using a state-of-the-art laser printer. These designs layer the text and art with unique detail and personalization.

  • The Papercut Lovers

Modern Papercut Ketubahs, Ketubah with Bride & Groom

Photo: The Papercut Lovers

  • The Dancing Lines

Papercut Ketubahs, Ketubah with Aqua LinesPhoto: The Dancing Lines Papercut Ketubah

  • The Bohemian Papercut

8 Ideas for Modern Ketubahs - Bohemian Papercut Ketubah, Purple & BluePhoto: The Bohemian Papercut Ketubah

  1. Personalize Your Ketubah with Same-Sex Imagery

Same-Sex Ketubahs highlight romance and a core value of unity. The bright colors and striking patterns through these pieces of art represent happiness, passion and love.

  • Two Brides

Lesbian Ketubah, Gay Ketubahs

Photo: Bride Squared Lesbian Ketubah

  • Two Grooms

Gay Ketubah, Same Sex Couple, LGBT Ketubahs

Photo: The Pride and Groom

  • Rainbow Colors

Modern & Unique Ketubahs - Gay Ketubah Inspired by RothkoPhoto: The Parade inspired by painter Marc Rothko

  1. Highlight Your Cultures with an Interfaith / Intercultural Ketubah

The Ketubah can be the perfect opportunity to highlight the unification of Judaism with another culture or faith. Interfaith couples are left with an artistic representation of their newly blended lives.

  • Irish-Jewish Interfaith Ketubah

8 Ideas for Modern & Creative Ketubahs - Interfaith Ketubah (Irish/Celtic-Jewish)

Photo: A Celtic Turn Ketubah

  • Asian-Jewish Multi-Cultural Ketubah

Interfaith Ketubah, Jewish-Chinese Asian KetubahPhoto: The Asian Woodgrain Flowers Ketubah

  • Italian-Jewish Interfaith Ketubah

Interfaith Ketubahs, Italian-Jewish Ketubah Moden

Photo: The Modena Italian Ketubah

  1. Choose a Non-Traditional Material Like Wood!

Instead of traditional parchment or canvas, the artists can impose the design of your choosing onto a 1-inch piece of wood. The light colored coating over the grain creates a rustic feel. With ½ inch border that acts as a frame, Ketubahs in this sustainable material are ready to hang right after signing. View More Wood Ketubahs.

  • Technicolor

Technicolor Ketubah, Ketubahs Beatriz Milhazes Art Inspired

Photo: The Life In Technicolor Ketubah

  • Seasonal Trees

Trees Ketubah | Ideas for Modern, Creative Ketubahs

Photo: Seasonal Trees

  • The Bold Mosaic

Mosaic Ketubah, Gaudi Art Inspired Ketubahs

Photo: The Bold Mosaic

If these ketubahs don’t encompass exactly what you’re looking for, This Is Not A Ketubah Yes It Is will create a design that is customized to you as a couple. When possible, the artists will schedule an interview to learn more about you as a couple, on a deeper level. The result is a personalized representation of your love, to be treasured for years to come.

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Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman