Kveller’s New Resource for Interfaith Families: “Up Close”

Here at mazelmoments, we focus on all kinds of celebrations. In the spirit of “first comes love, then comes marriage…”, Kveller makes a great companion to our site, and is one of our absolute favorites! Focused on Jewish parenting, Kveller features everything from Jewish holiday traditions to baby names, and perhaps most importantly, how to deal with any of these things in an interfaith marriage. Kveller recently launched a series entitled “Up Close” which focuses on just that. Real people, real faith(s), real challenges and real solutions.

Kveller's Interfaith Wedding & Parenting Resoure: Up CloseEvery week, “Up Close” spotlights a minimum of three real interfaith families, which is particularly relevant considering over half of American Jews who got married in the last eight years wed a non-Jewish spouse. Utilizing pictures and stories, “Up Close” seeks to humanize the issues so many people face, from how they executed their interfaith wedding, to raising a child with interfaith parents. We think this feature is an excellent resource for whether you plan to tie the knot, have already done so, or just want to learn more! Check out more from Kveller’s Up Close Series.

Written by Lyndi Halpern

Lyndi Halpern