9 Purim Gift Basket (Mishloach Manot) Ideas

Purim Creative Ideas for Purim Baskets, Mishloach ManotPurim is approaching!  That means fun, costumes, celebration, and Purim Baskets!

We’re excited to share creative ideas to make your Purim Basket, or Mishloach Manot, extra special and memorable.


9 Unique Purim Basket Ideas

Purim baskets typically contain cookies, candies, masks, and noisemakers, and come in a bag or box.  Lots of people get creative with these items, but it’s not as common to skip the bag or box in favor of more unique packaging.

1. Edible Packaging

Kit Kat Cake

Made in Melissa’s Kitchen

For smaller Mishloach Manot, why not make a Kit Kat Basket!

2. Recycle Old T-Shirts

Mishloach Manot made out of old T-shirts | Creative Purim Basket IdeasTemple Beth Or of Washington Township, NJ made these wonderful Mishloach Manot (Gift Bags) out of old T-shirts! Creative and Resourceful!

3. “Pay It Forward” Purim Gift Basket

Purim Gift Basket - Pay It Forward MitzvahYour recipient will receive kosher goodies (such as Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups, Mashuga Nutz, and fresh hamentashen) for themselves, and a ready-to-give gift bag with food for someone else. The boxes include a card that explains the Purim mitzvah, which is thoughtful and meaningful.  Get your special Pay It Forward Gift Bags at Modern Tribe.

4. Creative Packaging & Contents

Mishloach Manot Basket Themes & IdeasHere’s an example of using an antique basket from Hands on The Parsha.  We also love the Israeli food and candy theme!

Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & Vendors

Kosher Purim Cookies & BrowniesYour friends will love special Purim cookies and brownies from Modern Bite.  These kosher delights are baked to order and made from 100% natural ingredients

Hand-Iced Sugar Cookies in a Box

Purim Sugar Cookie Gift Set

Sugar Cookies box

Eleni’s has put together a delicious Purim Gift Box with 9 creatively designed and intricately hand-iced sugar cookies. They’ll satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth!

5. Rainbow Cake Shooters

Cake Push Pops for Purim Baskets


What’s inside your Purim Basket can be just as creative as the packaging.  These rainbow cake shooters, available from The Pop Shop, are a fun and festive addition to your Mishloach Manot.

6. Sushi Candy Cupcakes

DIY Sushi Cupcakes for Purim BasketsWhat a clever idea for a sweet treat.  View the recipe for these DIY Sushi Cupcakes at FriedaFoo.

7. Colored Popcorn

Pink Colorful Purim Popcorn from Kveller

Photo: Kveller.com

Who doesn’t love popcorn?  How about colored popcorn!  Not only is this easy to follow recipe from Kveller fun and delicious, but it can add a beautiful pop of color to your Purim Basket.

8. Hot Chocolate in a Jar

Hot Chocolate in a Jar for Purim Baskets Mishloach ManotPretty much anything is a jar is a fun and whimsical do it yourself gift!  Besides Hot Chocolate in a Jar, check out another 48 Homemade Gifts in a Jar.

Hot Chocolate in a Jar by Sheva

To make a gift jar:
1. Ball canning jars ( found at local grocery)
2. Layer with yummies
3. Cut square of fabric and tie on
4. Make a fun label

9. Hamentashen

Purim is not Purim without Hamentashen!  So we’ve saved the best for last!

Hamentashen are a classic addition to the Purim Basket, but how many of us are guilty of making them dry and/or…usually and….tasteless?

Not anymore! Not with the Perfect Hamentashen Guide from CookKosher.com.

Don’t feel like cooking?  You can pick up some of the best Purim desserts in your choice of Apricot, Cherry, Prune, Poppy and even tella at your local bakeries or supermarkets!

Perfect Hamentashen Guide from CookKosher.com


Tired of the same old hamentashen? Want to try something different this year?  Here are 5 of our favorite unique ideas for hamentashen. Enjoy!

Hamentashen for Purim | Creative IdeasPhotos (Clockwise)
1. S’mores Hamentashen from Couldn’t be Parve
2. Kimchi Hamentashen Dumplings from Confident Cook Hesitant Baker
3. Challah Hamentashen (Center) from The Jewish Hostess
4. Sushi Hamentashen from CrownHeights.info
5. Brownie-Stuffed Hamentashen from Can’t Stop Baking

Want even more inspiration?  Check out 36 Mouthwatering Hamentashen to Make This Purim.

The best part – you can use these ideas for any event, big or small, all year round!

What’s in Your Purim Basket?  Let us know in your comments below!

Have a Wonderful Purim!

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