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Mitzvah & Wedding Appetizer TrendsThe celebration party begins. Guests arrive to a wedding, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah with expectations of sampling amazing food, dancing to great music and having lots of fun. First impressions are important so we reached out to  Melissa Davidowski at In Thyme Catered Events to get the scoop on the latest appetizer trends.

Always attentive to the guests as well as the hosts, Melissa explains, “The Cocktail hour trend currently remains ‘Lounge’ type events.  Hosts want to connect with their guests.  They want their guests to also have the ability to mingle with more than the 8 they were fortunate have at their table. Lounge type events give the guests  more flexibility to socialize and meet more people.

While that trend tends to offer 1 bite Chic menu options, In Thyme Catered Events noticed that their clients were sometimes nervous about guests being hungry.  Come to think about it, how many of us are guilty of stalking the servers as soon as they enter the room with a platter of appetizers?! Melissa talks about their new and popular offering,  “We certainly want guests to eat enough when there may be alcohol consumed.  Taking that into account, we started to offer Individual Small Plate Selections.

This was received with immediate enthusiasm.  

What a clever and enticing offering – Small Entrée Selections Served on Petite Dining Plates.   How delicious to wet your guests appetites with a small plate of meatloaf encrusted with caramelized onions over mashed potatoes or garlic ginger salmon with basil sauce over roasted vegetable medley for your vegetarian crowd (or dieters!)!

Petite Plate Appetizer Trend

Bar & Bat Mitzvah, Wedding Venues & VendorsIsraeli Signature Couscous has never been served so elegantly and theatrically as in the martini glass.

Petit Plate Appetizer Trend - Martini Glass with Israeli Couscous

All in all, Melissa sums up that clients are happy because this alternative gives their guests the ability to mingle without being seated or going to a station and offers them entrée selections so they won’t be left feeling hungry having eaten only a small cocktail frank & slider.

In addition, Individual Petite Plates also allows for a somewhat more upscale menu as the selections don’t need to be finger friendly, just small fork friendly.

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