15 Ideas for a Fabulous Floral Chuppah – Wedding Canopy

The chuppah, a Jewish wedding canopy with four open sides and four poles, is a central part of a Jewish wedding. It represents the home you will make with your partner, and it is where you will say your vows and become a family. The chuppah can be handheld, with four people of your choosing holding each pole, or it can be freestanding.

To decorate your chuppah, be inspired by the rest of your wedding. You can create a seamless and coherent look by using the same colors as the rest of the décor and incorporating flowers that are in your bouquet, the centerpieces and the other decorations. The chuppah can also provide an opportunity to incorporate something sentimental into your wedding, like your grandfather’s tallit (Jewish prayer shawl) or a flower that is meaningful to you.

Here are 15 ideas for a floral chuppah that represents your style and wedding vision.

15 Ideas for a Fabulous Floral Chuppah (Wedding Canopy / Arch)

1. Let your personality shine through.

This colorful chuppah with hanging glass orbs was perfect for the Japanese Garden setting, and perfectly captured the fun-loving spirit of the couple.  View the full wedding here.

Decor by Daniel Events Productions, Photography by Jeff Kolodny Photography

2. Incorporate your wedding colors.

Modern Sunset Wedding Chuppah - Sleek Yellow & Black Canopy

Event & Styling by Swank Productions, Photography by Sharon Schuster

This couple chose to add flower panels of yellow bottom mums to their chuppah, complementing their yellow-and-orange wedding theme.

3. Be inspired by your venue.

Outdoor White ChuppahEvent Planner: The Event of a Lifetime

A white wooden chuppah covered in gorgeous flowers and greenery seamlessly infused the beauty of the surrounding garden.

Organic, Natural Chuppah with White Orchids

Décor by Ariston Flowers, Photography by Entwined Studio

This chuppah, accented with curly willow and orchids, was designed to match the modern feel of the downtown New York venue.

4. Choose a chuppah that adds to your venue without detracting from it.

White Flowing Fabric Chuppah, Beach WeddingDécor by Forever in Bloom, Photography by H&H Photographers

If you’re getting married somewhere with a gorgeous view, that may mean choosing a more minimalistic chuppah design. This simple chuppah was covered in flowing white chiffon and accented with a few small clusters of white hydrangeas and white roses.

5. Use unanticipated elements to give your chuppah an edge.

Gorgeous White Floral Chuppah, Huppah (Wedding Canopy)White Over The Top Chuppah with Hanging Flowers (Wedding Arch)Chuppah by Eva Madeleina Towers of Flowers

Hanging flowers, a floral chandelier and crystal details create a glamorous, standout chuppah.

6. Don’t shy away from tradition.

Orthodox Jewish Wedding Ceremony - Tallit ChuppahEvent Planner: The Event of a Lifetime

Incorporate your family tallis, like this couple did, accented with autumnal flowers.

7. Find creative ways to feature flowers. 

Winter Wonderland Huppah (Chuppah) with Floating White Flowers

Event & Styling by Swank Productions, Photography by Sharon Schuster

The poles and canopy aren’t the only place to add flowers. A simple chuppah with floating flowers, like these star lilies, creates a whimsical and dreamy look.

8. Add in statement florals to fit your theme.

Exotic Chuppah, Unique Green & Red Wedding CanopyDécor by Ariston Flowers, Photography by Hechler Photographers

This chuppah used exotic flowers to give the urban venue a tropical element, ideal for the Hawaiian Paradise themed wedding.

Gorgeous White Chuppah (Huppah) at Modern Jewish WeddingDecor by Amazing Events SF, Photo by IQphoto

Or compliment florals with large statement paper flowers.  View the full chic Jewish wedding here.

9. Think outside the box.

Chuppah, Huppah with White Hanging Pomanders

Chuppah by Eva Madeleina Towers of Flowers

Instead of covering the chuppah in flowers, opt instead to hang pomanders of fresh white roses from the sides.

10. Bring the seasons into your ceremony.

Cherry Blossoms Chuppah - Jewish Wedding ArchEvent & Styling by Swank Productions, Photography by Sean T Smith

A plethora of fresh cherry blossoms gave this indoor Latin-chic wedding an outdoor feel.

11. Use different fabrics to add unexpected texture to the chuppah.

Rustic Wedding Chuppah, Burlap Huppah & SunflowersPhotography by H&H Photographers, Décor by James Abel Events

The burlap, sunflowers, grapevines and hydrangeas gave this rustic chuppah a feeling of autumn.

Jewish Wedding Chuppah, Huppah - Orange & Green

Ruth Lapin Events added softness to this vibrant chuppah by covering the poles with sheer fabric.

12. Add some greenery.

White & Green Jewish Wedding Chuppah with GreeneryEvent Planner: The Event of a Lifetime, Photography by Tory Williams Photography

White roses, along with leaves and greenery, gave this chuppah a fresh from the garden, romantic feel. View the full rustic-chic wedding here.

Custom Hand-Painted Silk Chuppah

You can also accent a custom silk chuppah, like this one from The Artist’s Studio, with dramatic greenery.

13. Choose a design that you can reuse at your reception.

Wedding Chuppah (Canopy) Used As Bride & Groom Sweetheart Table Backdrop

Décor by Art of Imagination, Photography by Michael Novo Photography

Here, the bride and groom chose to have their sweetheart table set under their chuppah. You can also use flowers from the chuppah to decorate the cake table, or create a garland for a blank wall.  View the full wedding here.

14. Be different.

Statement Rustic Chuppah (Huppah) with Manzanita Branches

Event & Styling by Swank Productions, Photography by Sean T Smith

Forego flowers completely in favor of Manzanita branches.

15. Use plants and flowers that are meaningful to you.

Traditional Jewish Wedding Tallis Chuppah with Potted Plants (Ferns)

Event & Styling by Swank Productions, Photography by Sean T Smith

For this Tuscan-themed wedding, the simple and traditional chuppah was flanked with potted ferns, which were the bride’s favorite plant.

There’s so many ways to make your chuppah the perfect reflection of your style and wedding vision.  Is there anything you should not do?  We’re glad you asked!

Don’t overdo it with the flowers and decorations. The chuppah is a “legal instrument,” first and foremost, and you must be able to stand under it while you are getting married. If you are having an outdoor wedding, don’t set the chuppah up too far ahead of time – in the warmer months, the flowers will wilt quickly. Finally, don’t wait too long to get started on designing your chuppah! It is a central element of your wedding and the focal point of the ceremony.

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Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman