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Planning a wedding or bar/bat mitzvah can be stressful enough – you don’t need to worry about your skin too!  Whatever your skincare concern – wrinkles, acne, discoloration, or sensitivity – there is help!  Here’s my personal story.

I remember the day vividly.  I was going in for my annual dermatologist appointment with one thing on my mind – WRINKLES!  It’s such a fast progression from worrying about pimples to wrinkles – I was completely unprepared!  So I asked the Doctor – “What cream do you recommend that is effective for getting rid of wrinkles?”  And I’ll never forget her response. “Your wrinkles won’t go away with any cream.  Your best prevention method is to start early with Botox.”  Whooooah – not the answer I was expecting.  I was barely 30 at the time.

Spoiler Alert: My dermatologist was wrong!
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I have nothing against Botox or Juvi-Derm.  However I wasn’t ready to go down that path.  I was not prepared to completely write off the multi-billion dollar skincare industry as ineffective.  Not yet.

Since then, I’ve tried a number of products with some success, but not the success I was looking for.  And then I took notice of changes in some of my friends. I saw firsthand that there was an alternative to Botox that actually worked.  That alternative is skincare products from Rodan + Fields.  Seeing these real before & after shots intrigued me enough to finally get me to pick up the phone.

These are real results after 5 weeks using the REDEFINE (anti-aging) regimen and exfoliator.

Botox Alternative, Skin Care

Suffer from acne?  Here are results after only 2 weeks of using the UNBLEMISH regimen.

Get Rid of Acne with UnblemishHere are incredible results after just one month of using the REVERSE (discoloration) regimen and exfoliator.

Reverse Sun Damage | Moisturizer & Skin CareAnd these are the results 7 months after using the SOOTHE line for sensitive skin, or anyone with rosacea, eczema or psoriasis.

OTC Skincare for Sensitive Skin, Eczema, Rosacea & PsoriasisAll of the regimens are great for men too!  Here are the results after 24 hours using SOOTHE.

Remove Redness & Shaving Bumps with Soothe RegimenHere’s a photo of someone I work with, who shared this personal photo after just three uses of the ACUTE CARE products (patches that fill wrinkles while you sleep). So long smile lines!

Botox Alternative | Acute Care Wrinkle Filler, RemoverI decided to try the products, and literally the NEXT DAY I saw and felt the difference. By the next morning my skin was smoother, more even, and felt tighter.  And after 18 days…well see for yourself!

Anti-Aging Products That WorkThese products are no joke.  I’d love for you to try for yourself.

I’m giving away samples of one of Rodan + Fields most popular products, which users rave improves their complexion after just a single use! The Micro-Dermabrasion Paste is an oil-free facial exfoliator containing salt, sugar, Vitamins C and E, and more stuff your skin will enjoy.

No purchase necessary. Limited quantity available. Claim yours today by sending an email to!
Be sure to include where I can send your free gift in your email.
Currently only available for US and Canada.  Not available in stores.

ALSO, everyone that places a new order by May 30th will receive a Free Mini-Facial!
Each mini-facial includes 3 sample Rodan + Fields products:
1) Exfoliating, Oil-Free Micro-Dermabrasion Paste
2) Anti-Aging Night Renewing Serum
3) Moisturizing Lip Renewing Serum
Email me at today for more information about our product line, and your free mini-facial!  You can also schedule a free skin care consultation to determine the most effective solution for you.

*Currently only available for US and Canada.

The photos below show the Redefine regimen with accelerated results from the AMP MD System (Roller and Night Serum).

Remove Wrinkles with AMP MD RollerYour skin can be RADIANT in time for the wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or next date night!

About Rodan + Fields

The Doctors that created Proactiv have created a new skincare line targeting aging that I am helping them launch. Rodan + Fields has skincare products to treat the top four skincare conditions – aging, acne, sensitivity, and hyper-pigmentation. The products are clinically proven to show transformational results.

The skincare products have received a ton of unsolicited media attention.  Everyone from Ellen to Oprah is raving about the products.

As Seen InNo Questions Asked – Money Back Guarantee

The Doctors are so confident about their products that they offer a 60-day, empty bottle, money back guarantee on all products if you are not satisfied.

So to summarize….Rodan + Fields products are amazing – they do what they say, whether it’s diminishing wrinkles, getting rid of acne, lightening dark spots or calming redness. They are luxurious, in the sense that I now look forward to my morning and nighttime routine – I feel like I’m pampering myself.  The products are THAT GOOD!

- Claim your free 3-use sample of oil-free, sugar & salt Micro-Dermabrasion Paste*.  Your skin will thank you! Email me with instructions on where to send your free gift. (Limited quantities available – get yours today!)

- Contact me at to learn more about getting your Free Mini-Facial*

- Email me at to set up a free skin care consultation to learn which products are best for you.

Fall back in love with the skin you’re in!

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