Same-Sex Ketubah

Guest Post by Arielle Angel & Maya Joseph-Goteiner

Co-Founders of KETUV: Fine Art Ketubahs

Same-Sex Ketubah, Gay Ketubahs

Same-Sex Ketubah by Ketuv

As a ketubah company, part of our motivation for getting into this business was to help couples connect to the Jewish tradition through fresh, contemporary artwork, and for us, that means every couple to whom Judaism is important. If Judaism is to thrive, it should respond to the needs of the modern Jewish community, and to that end, Ketuv is committed to honoring the diversity of the Jewish people.

Every text we offer for Reform, Interfaith or Non-denominational/Secular-Humanist couples is available to GLBT – gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender – couples. Our English-only texts are completely gender-neutral, and because Hebrew is an inherently “gendered” language, we have made sure there is an option for two male-identified partners, as well as two female-identified partners in every text category.

Same-Sex Ketubot, Two Men Ketubah for Gay Couples

Two Men Ketubah for Gay Couples by Ketuv

There are still obstacles. Currently, there does not seem to be any texts on the market for religiously observant GLBT couples. While it is one of Ketuv’s goals to develop such a text under the guidance of a Conservative or Orthodox rabbi, so far we haven’t found one who is up to the task.


As you may or may not know, Ketuv fills in the details of all our ketubah texts absolutely free (the rabbis we met with early on told us that filling out ketubot gives them the jitters). This means that we are flexible with our texts, which is a plus for GLBT couples who want to make sure they are represented the way they would like to be on their ketubah. And if your rabbi is the one we are looking for, who is interested in helping develop an Orthodox/Conservative GLBT ketubah text, put us in touch! We want you to determine the terms of your marriage in the way you see fit.

GLBT Ketubah, Gay, Lesbian Ketubah Designs

GLBT Ketubah by Ketuv

Here’s the icing on the wedding cake: From now on, every time another state passes marriage equality, Ketuv will offer 5% off on all of our ketubot for a whole week. All you have to do is type in Equality and the two-letter state abbreviation of the state that just passed the bill. For example, in the week after our home state of New York passed marriage equality, you would have entered EqualityNY, and we would have given you 5% off of your fabulous new ketubah. Can’t wait to celebrate with you!


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