Same-Sex Ketubahs to Celebrate Your Wedding

With gay marriage officially legalized throughout the United States, it’s the perfect time to find or design your ketubah. Ketubahs are artistic portrayals of your wedding vows, and there is a great selection designed to commemorate your marriage, dedication and love for one another – no matter what sex or religion you or your partner are.

Same-Sex Ketubah - Gay Wedding Ketubahs at

Love’s Mosaic – Lapis and Sapphire

Above: Love’s Mosaic – Lapis and Sapphire Ketubah available at

Ketubahs are not only part of Jewish and Interfaith weddings, but have been adapted by couples of all religions.  Even Prince William & Kate Middleton had a ketubah specially designed for their royal wedding! 

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Gay Wedding Ketubahs

Infinity of Love – Lapis Blue Ketubah

Above: Infinity of Love – Lapis Blue Ketubah available at

The ketubah can be an integral part of your ceremony.  Many couples or their officiant read personalized text from the ketubah and leave it on display.  Following the ceremony, the ketubah can be framed and displayed in your home for you and all your friends and family to admire.

Gay Wedding Ketubah Designs

Jewish Same-Sex Wedding KetubahAbove: To Have and To Hold Ketubah by has always believed that everyone deserves love and a ketubah that reflects that love and devotion. All of their Signature Collection Ketubahs offer a choice of, not one, but two Same-Sex texts. Or a couple can write their own custom text option* so that every couple can get the perfect ketubah for them. The three ketubahs above have been popular amongst all couples as well as with many same-sex couples.

Gay Wedding Ketubah, Same Sex Couple, LGBT Ketubahs

Two Grooms Same-Sex Wedding Ketubah by TINAK

This Is Not A Ketubah, a collective of Argentine and New York Jewish artists specializing in a wider array of stylized ketubahs, created a number of wonderful designs to please many different tastes and themes. Colorful with a touch of whimsy, This Is Not A Ketubah will also work with you to personalize and customize the text.

Same-Sex Jewish Wedding Ketubahs | Gay Marriage Ketubah Design

Babushkas Ketubah by TINAK

Love, joy and fun are exuded by this new design created by one of the artists from This Is Not A Ketubah.

3D Ketubah for Gay Same-Sex WeddingAshra Design :: Judaic Art Creations offers stunning 3-dimensional ketubahs. Each 3D ketubah is carefully designed and hand cut by artist Gabrielle Mizrachi-Mallin. Your ketubah will arrive in a ready-to-hang shadowbox frame with UV protective glass to ensure that the design remains beautiful and vibrant.

Same-Sex Wedding Ketubahs - Jewish Chair Lift

Same-Sex Wedding Ketubahs by Ketuv

Ketuv has an extensive portfolio including two ketubahs that capture and customize the iconic Chair Lift Dance for the same sex couple. The exuberance and glee of the couple and their guests is forever commemorated.

Rainbow Hamsa Ketubah - Gay Wedding Ketubahs

Rainbow Hamsa Ketubah by TINAK

For those whose taste or home decor favor graphic design or pop art, This Is Not A Ketubah‘s rainbow colored hamsa ketubah is the perfect fit.

Modern Ketubah Floral Design

Floral Design by Modern Ketubah

Daniel Sroka of Modern Ketubah specializes in integrating nature and floral designs into his ketubahs. These nature-themed ketubahs are another great option.

Modern Ketubah Nature Inspired Ketubah

Modern Ketubah Nature Leaf Ketubahs

Above: Ketubahs by Modern Ketubah

You can contact these artists or find out about other ketubah options at

We want to congratulate all the newly wed couples across the United States and wish Mazel Tov and best wishes to all the newly engaged.  If you have already tied the knot, why not consider having a ketubah for your home as one of your special wedding gifts to one another?!

Written by Sheryl Daboosh

Sheryl Daboosh