Making the Magic Happen – Ruby J Events Takes Us Behind The Scenes

Being hired by a bride and her family is always a task the team at Ruby J Events takes very seriously. They know that they have one chance – and one chance only – to get it right. All the months (and sometimes years) of planning mean nothing if the day doesn’t go as seamlessly as every family expects it to.  This Jewish Springtime wedding was no exception, and the results were absolutely incredible!

NYC Jewish Wedding Planner's Amazing Ballroom Transformation - Before & After

How did they pull off such an amazing transformation?  Let’s take a peek behind the scenes with the team at Ruby J Events

From Ruby J Events: We had 5 elements to work with when we first met the family in 2014:

A Sunday on a Holiday weekend. 250 guests. Kosher. Chuppah. Ceremony at the venue.

Following our initial meeting, we knew we had to source and arrange everything including booking the hotel, designing invitations, and hiring entertainment, video and photography teams. On top of that, the most important element was to making every single guest say ‘’wow’’ when they enter the room.

With most guests attending a multitude of weddings throughout the year, Ruby J always tries to keep our designs fresh and new so our couples know they will have something personal and original to treat their family and friends to. We all want every guest to walk away after the day of festivities with a wonderful memory of everything!


The father of this particular bride was the Production Manager for Ted Baker, so we knew we had to think ‘’fashion forward.’’ We also knew we had to flip the Ballroom of the hotel between Chuppah and dinner so our clever ideas had to be realistic.

Stunning Circular Floral Chuppah

Event Design & Planning by Ruby J Events

We wanted to keep everything soft and romantic, so we designed a circular chuppah. Following the ceremony, the legs would be removed and a ‘’floating’’ ceiling would stay in place for the duration of the evening. The top table would then be positioned underneath this canopy and would be one of the main features in the room.

Multi-Use Round Chuppah Became Wedding Stage for Reception

With so much work going into building the chuppah, especially from the florist, we wanted to ensure that guests could admire the craftsmanship all night long.

Chuppah Transformed Into Wedding Stage for Reception

Here’s a side by side view of the creative transformation:

Multi-Use Circular Chuppah (Huppah) Was Transformed Into Stage for Wedding PartyEvent Design & Planning by Ruby J Events

We also decided to pitch the idea of building custom designed oval dining tables, which would be upholstered in a natural taupe colored fabric together with mirrored surfaces. No table linen – just clean, neat lines. The band stage and dance floor would also follow this design with elegant rounded edges so the room flowed beautifully.

Custom Wedding Oval Dining Tables with Mirror Table Tops

Lighting is key for any event and can absolutely make or break an atmosphere. The tall voluptuous floral table arrangements had to be highlighted, as did the band, stage and dance floor. Of course, we could not forget the most important people in the room, seated at the top table.

Due to the turnaround that was required between ceremony and dinner/dancing, guests really saw a transformation of the space, which was enhanced with floral, lighting and table design.


Witness the amazing transformation in this time-lapse video!

Event Design & Planning by Ruby J Events


If you are in the early stages of planning your event, take into consideration these 5 pieces of advice:

1 – Budget. Ensure you break down your budget before you start the planning process. Every element of the event will have a specific amount of the budget that will need allocating. You don’t want to spend everything on a fabulous hotel and catering to only realize you then have nothing left for entertainment, floral or decor!

2 – Delegate. Hire a planner for your big day! That is what we are here for. We advise you every step of the way, so you can be confident that all the details are taken care of. Especially the budget! View more from Ruby J Events.

3 – Trust. With any of the vendors you contract, there has to be an element of trust involved. You will be working with these people nearly every day of the planning process and if you can’t guarantee that you will receive the best product at the end of it, then you aren’t working with the right team.

4 – Social Media. With Pinterest and Instagram being the central hubs for new and creative ideas, you must save your favorite images. This is a great way to think of new ideas and to filter out what you do and don’t like. Take the photos to meetings you have with vendors as this is the first step for them to get to know your personal style.

5 – Relax. Everything will come together in the end. The first few months of the planning process are always the most stressful. Finding a location, choosing a band, knowing who you want to take photos of you all day….it can all get overwhelming. But once these initial elements are contracted you can sit back and relax. The last 3-4 months prior to the event are the most important as this is where everything starts to come together and you see your day developing into reality.

Special thanks to Joanna Greenfield at Ruby J Events in NY for sharing an inside look into their creative process and seamless execution.  View more from Ruby J Events here.

Written by Sheryl Daboosh

Sheryl Daboosh