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It’s your son’s bar mitzvah, or daughter’s bat mitzvah. Or you want a special custom designed tallit for your Jewish wedding. Just a few situations in which you can imagine yourself on a quest for the perfect Tallit.  You might be surprised to find yourself  presented with an almost infinite multitude of choices, which can become quite overwhelming.  Tallit and Kippah for WomanNo matter what your style, color preference and budget are, one thing is certain:  you are looking for an object that represents a long standing tradition,  possibly the very thing that will be treasured by your future offspring and reveal something about your personality to them,  that will become your family’s heirloom.  Talk about pressure!

One helpful tip is to spend time online or at Judaica stores comparing styles, fabrics and designs. For example, Sofia Clair designs offer wide range of styles — from conservative black or blue stripes to most elaborate contemporary needlework.  Her craftsmanship and creative approach to color and texture is impressive.

Tallit Custom Embroidery

Traditional & Modern Judaica

Sofia tells us there are many embellishment techniques.  She employs embroidery, patchwork, cording, quilting, beading, lacework, and more.  She is inspired  from such sources as Rembrandt’s paintings and Art Noveau book illustrations, ancient Hebrew typefaces and modern stained glass.  Her designs are sophisticated but even more important, they are focused on you — who you are, what you represent,  what you want to say,  and how you want to be remembered.

Personalized BlueTallis

Personalization options will enable you to create a memory, make the treasured object carry you name, commemorate a special event, or even inscribe your favorite blessing on the Atorah.  With just a few helpful suggestions from the designer, you will be able to completely customize, or even design your very own Tallit.

And what can speak more about the link between generations than a piece of your great grandfather’s Tallit embedded  into your own, modern piece?

Stitched Hamsa detail on Tallis

If picture does not seem to be worth a thousand words, you are right, pictures don’t do justice to the actual pieces. The weight of the natural fabrics, precision stitch work, delicate calligraphy, luscious fringing — every minute detail is a delight to behold.

Custom EMbroidery Tallit with Name and matching Kippah

Seeing is believing!  Ask for sample fragments. Sofia sends her clients real full scale Tallit fragments, so that they can see the true colors, note the details and appreciate the design in person.

Your special prayer shawl will accompany you on a spiritual journey, connecting you  with the past and reveal a part of yourself  to your future.  With the right amount of planning, design and foresight and help from your tallit designer,  you might just be looking at your next family heirloom.

Thanks to Sofia and her daughters Yuliya and Anya for their contributions and help.

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