Top 4 Trends in Wedding Veils & Bridal Accessories

For 2016 brides, the experts at Alisa Brides - the couture online bridal accessory boutiqueare noticing a love of intricate lace and streamlined silhouettes.

For wedding veils, there are several dominating styles. They are flat mantillas reminiscent of old Spain, drop veils which provide a blusher for traditional ceremonies, and Juliet cap veils which nod to the Golden Era.

Trend 1 – Flat Mantillas

Wedding Veil Trends - Spanish Mantilla with Vintage Beaded French Alencon Lace

Photo: Spanish Mantilla Wedding Veil with Vintage Beaded French Alencon Lace

Mantilla veils offer the best visibility of intricate lace, beautifully framing the bride’s face. There is no height or volume as the veil gracefully floats along with the bride.

Wedding Veil Trends - Cathedral Bridal Alencon Lace Mantilla

 Photo: Cathedral Alencon Lace Mantilla Veil

Fingertip Length French Vintage Beaded Lace Mantilla Veil

Photo: Fingertip Length French Vintage Beaded Lace Mantilla – custom design/sold out

Trend 2 – Drop Veils

Drop veils, sometimes called drop mantillas, also lay flat, allowing the front to fold into a blusher. Lifting of the veil can be an important Jewish wedding tradition, and some Rabbis require the top tier of a wedding veil. Another advantage of the drop veil is that the lace folds below your waist, leaving your face and top of the dress unobstructed. This is ideal if you are wearing an elaborate headpiece, statement jewelry, or detailed sleeves. The drop veil has been the veil of choice for centuries of European royalty.

2016 Wedding Veil Trends - Drop Veil - Cathedral Drop Two-Tier Spanish Mantilla with Vintage Beaded French Alencon Lace

Photo: Cathedral Drop Mantilla with Beaded Vintage French Alencon Lace and Design at Train

Top 4 Wedding Veil Trends - Cathedral Drop Spanish Mantilla with French Lace & Swarovski Crystals

Photo: Cathedral French Alencon Drop Veil with Swarovski Crystals

Top 4 Wedding Veils - Waltz Length Drop Mantilla Beaded Veil with Vintage Alencon Lace

Photo: Waltz Length Drop Mantilla with Vintage Alencon Lace

With mantillas and drop mantillas, glamour is achieved not with pouf as in recent decades, but with beautiful lace detailing. The detailing can be narrow and refined or can feature larger applique work (usually at the hem), creating a memorable ceremony entrance.

Trend 3 – Juliet Cap Veils

Juliet Cap Veils can be made with one tier or two, and are held in your hair at the sides. These can feature lace at the cap or edges, and also look great with a cut edge and details at the combs.

Top 4 Wedding Veil Trends for 2016 - Juliet Cap Drop Veil with Rhinestone Accents

Photo: Juliet Cap Veil in Two Tiers with Rhinestone Accents

Trend 4 – Crystal Accessories

With clean and elegant dresses and veils, brides are choosing shine in other areas. Rhinestone halos and headbands are all the rage for brides and flower girls, and fun garter sets combining crystals and lace are very popular for gifts!

Wedding Kids Rhinestone Headband by Alisa Brides Photo: Kids Rhinestone Headband

Top 4 Bridal Accessory Trends - Crystal Crystal Headbands & Halos

 Photo: Leaf Motif Crystal Headband and Halo

Bridal Garter Wedding Set With Crystals by Alisa Brides

 Photo: Bridal Garter Wedding Set With Crystals

A special thanks to Alisa Brides for sharing the top 4 trends in wedding veils and bridal accessories.

Written by Cigall Goldman

Cigall Goldman