High-Tech Bar & Bat Mitzvah Ideas and Trends

From planning the party to preserving the memories, state-of-the-art trends in technology have made a huge impact on bar and bat mitzvah celebrations. With the ever-evolving capabilities of smartphone apps, new entertainment options and social media, more and more teens are incorporating high-tech twists to their parties. These new technologies provide endless opportunities to excite guests and create unforgettable experiences.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Technology & Entertainment Trends

 Photo Credit: H&H Photographers


Bar & Bat Mitzvah and Party Entertainment & Technology Trends and New IdeasPhoto Credit:  David Todd Photography, Entertainment:  Xplosive Entertainment, Event Planner/Decor:  Extraordinary Productions

Technology has advanced bar and bat mitzvah parties far beyond DJs and dancing. High-tech entertainment companies have introduced elements that take parties to another level, like virtual reality stations and interactive dance floors that change colors. Another exciting trend is LED lighting, which is adding a glow to everything! LED Walls illuminating the DJ booth are extremely popular, as seen in the example above from Xplosive Entertainment.

For the DIY crowd, DIY Uplighting offers Do It Yourself uplighting rental solutions. Create your own uplighting effect!

Photo & Video Walls

Melrose Video Wall with Band

Melrose Ballroom – Video Wall

Video montages, logos and more can be viewed larger than life video wall.  Melrose Ballroom located just outside of NYC features a high-tech video wall consisting of seventy-two, 40” LCD screens.

View photos throughout the night on plasma screens with Zap Shots from The Main Event!  See the action as it happens, and never miss anything at your own party.


Firecfly Creative Geofilters

 Snapchat is the hottest new instant messaging app for sharing photos among teens and young adults. One of the features for snapping a photo is the ability to add Geofilters to your images. These location filters allow the users to tag their images letting viewers instantly know where the photo was taken. Firefly Creative has a team of experienced designers who can add your event or party theme design or logo to a custom geofilter. They will set it up and implement it for your event - no matter where your event is! It’s the newest and hottest way to enhance your photos and add loads of extra fun for everyone to share your event with friends.  Give your party a real tech edge!

Digital Sign-In Boards

High-Tech Bar & Bat Mitzvah Ideas - Digital Sign-In Board

The hottest way to have guests sign in at your event is at a Digital Sign In by The Main Event! Display your guests’ messages for all to see on a 32″ TV, and get a custom memory book.

Photo Booths


Zing It! Photobooth available from The Main Event

The Main Event’s Zing It! creates a memorable and unique photo booth experience. Standing at about 8 ft. high, with a color-changing LED top, and a completely customizable exterior, Zing It! Booth and Zing It! Kiosk are perfect ways to turn heads and entertain your guests. Get unlimited prints and still be able to instantly text, email, or share your photos on social media. Zing It! is great for both young guests who prefer their pictures on their phones, and adult guests who prefer photo prints.

Photo Booth Trends & Ideas, Interactive Entertainment Group Cool options like the InstaCam, Selfie Booth and Digital Graffiti Wall available from Interactive Entertainment Group make a statement and allow guests to create their own unique favors. Two ground breaking new products are 3D Live Photos and Infinite Photo Booth from Interactive Entertainment Group. 3D Live Photo  uses Augmented Reality Technology. Guests have their photo taken in a customizable photo booth, and choose between a beautiful 3D or 2D (4×6) photo print out. Once they download the free app from the app store, they will be able to watch in amazement as their photo comes to life!

You can also watch this video to see how the 3D Live Photo works:

Creative hosts are also setting up “selfie spots” – places with a pretty backdrop for guests to take selfies. With cell phones taking on a more active role at bar and bat mitzvahs, hosts can set up a charging station outfitted in the event décor.

Infinite Photo Booth offers a 5-in-1 photo booth, giving you access to 5 of the hottest technologies in one booth, The 5 Infinite Photo Booth features are: (1) Animated GIF Photos, (2) Green Screen Photos & Videos, (3) Light Painting, (4) Slow Motion Videos and
(5) Photo Morphing.  To top it off, Infinite photo booth integrates with photo party upload to allow instant uploading to Email, Text, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter from the booth’s touchscreen and/or wirelessly from an iPad.


Flashion Statement will work with you to create a customized LED shirt to give out at your upcoming bar/bat mitzvah, shower, sweet 16 or other celebration


Flashion Statement T-shirt

These sound activated light-up shirts use a small hidden battery pack to animate the design. Simply insert 2 AA or 2 AAA batteries, flip the switch, and amaze everyone! The shirts are easy to wear, easy to wash, and are guaranteed to make your bar/bat mitzvah stand out.

Social Media Hashtags

Create a unique hashtag for the event and share it with all of the guests. Tell them to tag it to any and all social media throughout the day. Companies such as Vision Entertainment Group can display a live Instagram feed – each time anyone uploads a photo with the designated hashtag, it will be displayed on plasma screens for everyone at the party to enjoy. This will also give the bar or bat mitzvah child some early pictures before the professional photos and videos come in.

Hashtags can also be helpful in organizing and preserving memories from the event. Apps like IFTT can be set up to automatically save hashtagged event photos to a DropBox folder – you don’t have to lift a finger!


Whether parents are looking for all-inclusive packages or individual vendors, they are increasingly relying on apps throughout the stages of event planning. Apps have become valuable after the party as well.

Smartphones are making it possible to accomplish everything from creating the seating chart to converting photos from guests’ phones and Instagram feeds into printed products – all from the convenience of your handheld device.

Online Resources

Networking sites, like mazelmoments.com make it easy to find reviews and recommendations, and uncover the best talent and venues in a given area. Services such as Greenvelope let families design and send personalized save-the-dates and invitations online, while MitzvahCards uses a handwriting font generator to create thank you cards that look genuinely handwritten.

New techniques are also coming into play for the preparation stages for the big day. Rabbis and Cantors are now able to give long distance tutoring lessons via video chat. Programs like Skype enable tutors to practice with bar and bat mitzvahs virtually, if they feel the need for an extra session.


Décor elements like plasma TVs and lighted tables contribute to the increasingly popular club/lounge theme for teens. Party favors like apparel and hats customized with LED lights, or cool cases for phones are proving to be favorites among partygoers. One of the most popular products from Cool Party Favors is custom ear buds, which can be personalized with the event logo.

Ear Buds Bar & Bat Mitzvah Party Favors - Custom & PersonalizedThere are so many ways to integrate treasured party traditions with the new and evolving technologies. Everything from apps to social media make creating and then remembering a special memory as simple as touching a screen. At the event, innovative party trends are a great way to show a little personality and keep guests of all ages excited. As technology continues to advance, so do the possibilities for unique and creative twists to such a special day!

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